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The Great Emancipator and ARTCRANK Chicago

When ARTCRANK Chicago asked us to submit a poster for their Chicago event, we couldn’t wait to get to work. ARTCRANK is an organization that brings poster designing and the cycling community together into one beautiful union. Having just completed the Wheels4Water ride, cycling was fresh on our mind, and we were more than happy to create a poster that demonstrates our love for our great state of Illinois. Our poster features a twist on the iconic silhouetted profile of our favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. Look for an ARTCRANK near you and, in the meantime, check out their site!

Posted July 24, 2014

Wheels4Water: 1,000+ miles complete!

What started off as a pipe dream last summer ended after 15 days on the road, 1,205 miles, and over $93,000 raised…

Posted June 24, 2014
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