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    • Rain or Shine: Embrace the Unplanned

      When we talk about leadership and development, we often talk about being on a path. We all understand that a path leads somewhere; you can’t start a journey without that proverbial first step. But I don’t think we talk enough about taking a good look at the current path we’ve been on—for it’s rarely a…

    • Did you know you love classical music?

      You love classical music and you just don’t know it…don’t believe us – just watch this.

    • Moments of Wonder

      Moments from Everynone on Vimeo. In the time that you read this sentence, numerous little “moments” will have occurred. You’ve chosen to read the words across a screen. Someone around you has chosen something else. A few seconds later, you’ll move on to another moment in time. The craziest part all? 8 billion people just…