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  • Nicolas Cage and Brand Identity


    I want to talk about Nicolas Cage if you will indulge me. I know that as soon as some people read that first sentence, they will close this window and go back to that Buzzfeed article they’ve been wanting to read. If you’re still with us, thank you. We’re experiencing an interesting trend in the…

  • Take Time to Celebrate & Dream


    No matter what position you hold at the company you’re with, taking time to celebrate the past and dream about the future should be a yearly ritual for your career. Due to life, deadlines, and the pace of our days, many of us often fall into the routine of looking forward to the next holiday…

  • Focus on Strengths


    Do you ever sit down and think, “Man, I’m really good at this or that”? Too often, it seems like we focus on what is wrong with us; we think that if we can just fix that one thing – lose some weight, master this extra skill, or whatever that thing is, all would be…

  • Looking Versus Seeing

    Between dinner and bedtime last night, I received a similar message via two different mediums. One came from a Seinfeld re-run I was watching as the loudmouthed George Costanza (ironically) pitched NBC on a “show about nothing.” George cried out in his presentation to NBC execs: “The foundation of all entertainment is story!” An hour…

  • Conversation Skills Make A Difference


    Not everyone is a great conversationalist, and even the best have a tough day now and then. Plus, we’ve all had a client that is challenging to talk to. So, what sort of things can you do to make better conversation? Here are four ideas: 1) Be interesting by doing interesting things “Interesting” can be simple or complex.…

  • Defining Reality 


    For roughly five years, once a month, I had lunch with the same guy on the same day of the month at the same restaurant and at the same booth. Although we never deemed it a “mentor/protege” relationship (Seinfeld, anyone?), it was very much this. I had recently awoken to the fact that I would…

  • The Most Intriguing Social Experiment

    The Most Intriguing Social Experiment

    Last Fall, Justin and I were invited by our good friends David Gould and Joe Cilek to spend 48 hrs in downtown Las Vegas. And not that downtown. The old downtown. The downtown that was vacated throughout the last 40-50 years in favor of the glitz and glam of “The Strip.” In fact, significant portions…

  • Good Beer Makes For Good Creativity

    Good Beer Makes For Good Creativity

    Every year, we try to spice things up here at Rule29 by creating opportunities for collaboration and pushing ourselves out of our creative confines. In past years we’ve had company trips to type museums, hosted competitive gourmet cook-offs, and created a Be In Charge calendar…But this year we wanted to go even further.

  • Design Can Make or Break a Startup

    How Startups Thrive With Good Design

    I’m a firm believer that design can be a game changer for businesses. This is especially true for startups. Great strategic design can be the difference between a startup’s success and failure in the early days of hitting the market. I have seen great ideas struggle and fail initially because they missed the connection from…

  • Sundance as An Exploration of What it Means to Be Human

    Sundance as An Exploration of What it Means to Be Human

    On the heels of the December onslaught of Oscar hopefuls, hundreds of filmmakers and thousands of film lovers gathered last month to celebrate independent film at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.  186 films were tapped to represent the (unofficial) kick-off the 2014 film season and set the stage for a cultural conservation…