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    • What is your “Africa”?

      What is your "Africa"?

      No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. —Charles Dickens The first time I stepped off the plane in Ethiopia, I suddenly and dramatically realized the world was a lot different than I had thought during my first thirty-six years on this earth. That might sound obvious, but for me…

    • Design for Good: Is It Too Much?


      I recently attended a conference where a well-known speaker said he didn’t believe design could change the world. Although he thinks design has the potential for great influence, he suggested that perhaps the “design for good” believers should take a log off the fire. He said the expectation to feel responsible for changing the world…

    • Uganda: Lifewater and Wheels4Water

      Uganda: Lifewater and Wheels4Water

      Recently I went to Uganda with Lifewater to see the types of projects they are doing and to get a new perspective on our world’s water crisis. Lifewater has been providing water and sanitation in Africa and Asia since 1977. Rule29 is privileged to be involved in their rebranding efforts and to help raise awareness of their…

    • Collaborating with Future Design Leaders and Saving Lives


      Visual Communication Solutions for the Citizens of Kibera Kibera is the second largest slum in the world, located in Kenya, Africa. Home to one million people, Kibera has no drainage system, so standing rainwater becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, thus spreading malaria. Sanitation issues are rampant, too; there is so much trash that it…

    • SEE: South Sudan


      July 9, 2013, marks the second anniversary of South Sudan’s independence from Sudan. Story has become so vital to our understanding, communicating or relating to something in this big wonder-filled world of ours. Last year we felt we had to SEE South Sudan – one of our new projects – before we could help tell it. On Rule29’s and…

    • Konjo: Redefining Beauty


      Buy a pair of shoes, give a pair of shoes to someone in need. It’s a shortsighted and increasingly common model rooted in generosity. Shortsighted in the sense if the people that are getting the shoes are not involved in the process, then it’s one more example of a process that is not creating sustainable…

    • Reflections on South Sudan: Hope & Possibility

      south sudan blog post

      It’s been a little over two weeks…two weeks since I was in the most remote, undeveloped, recovering, and beautiful place I have been to date. I traveled to South Sudan with Wonderkind Studios for Life In Abundance to see and experience our world’s newest country. And I need to be really honest here before I…

    • It’s All About Dignity

      all about dignity blog post

      When I first read this article in Fast Company Design (Why Designers Need to Stop Feeling Sorry for Africa) my reason for reading was purely because the title annoyed me. If nothing else, this article is brilliant just for its title alone! After reading through the article quite a few times, and really looking into…

    • A Changed Mind

      A Changed Mind blog post

      I’m on my way home from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya after working on our second documentary film. I’m exhausted, and my head is continually spinning. To put it simply, as with every Africa trip so far, I will not be the same. I was hoping to post every day while there, but with limited…