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    • Green in 2016


      This is a post from one of our designers, Edwin Carter.    If you take a survey of our day to day work at Rule29, you’d be surprised to learn how we spend a few hours out of each week. One of the things that makes this place special is that each of us are…

    • More than Green

      Even more important than what we say is what we believe.

      Environmental consciousness is experiencing an interesting chapter within the culture of American business and public life. Being eco-friendly has become synonymous with being hip, intelligent, young, and innovative – both for companies and the people that work for them. As a result, most companies on the cutting edge of this chapter enjoy great loyalty from…

    • Finally…How To Use One Paper Towel


      It’s been awhile since we have posted a green post. It’s really not from a lack of ideas, but more of which ones to post. Then we watched this video this week and thought how much better can it get? It’s a Ted Talk that’s informative, 5 minutes long, and includes some rules to live…

    • The Death of Recycling?


      Not too long ago, I brought home a delicious Chipotle burrito for lunch. I always love to read the bags. This one said, “Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like magic.” The napkin followed up on the humor: Most of us have come to love recycling. At least, those of us who live…

    • Folding Outside The Box

      oragami blog post

      One of my passions outside of graphic design is origami and the art of paper folding. It’s a nice way to pass the time, challenge my brain, and the resulting product (if you’ve followed the folding instructions correctly) can turn into a nice little decoration for your home, or even just a small gift for…

    • Home Sweet Nest

      nest blog post

      You’ve probably read about Nest by now, but if you haven’t, check them out. It’s not everyday something so ordinary and taken for granted gets an intuitive, well-designed and urgently needed overhaul (even though nobody really realized the need for it). Nest tells us that our thermostats control up to 50% of our energy bill,…

    • Loving, Living, and Learning Green


      It’s hard to believe it’s been over four years since our very first Green 2.9 post. Since then, we’ve implemented various (successful and not-so-successful at times) strategies in our effort to be as responsible as we know how when it comes to environment, social, and financial sustainability. We believe that these three arenas work together…

    • Becoming a Green Family… One Step at a time


      Now I must admit that I have fought, somewhat, the green initiative that has become so fashionable. Not sure why, but most likely it is because it is something that takes effort (see this link). I am not a lazy person, but I am a very busy person. The thought of having to come up with…