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    • How To Find an Apartment Without Losing Your Mind


      My wife and I finally moved into our new place here in Chicago, but not after a stressful and seemingly endless journey of searching, visiting, falling in love with, falling out of love with, and falling in love again with apartments. And hallelujah, we finally found one. Like anyone who has gone through a similar experience, you…

    • Preserving Our Sense Of Place


      When I graduated from college and returned to my hometown, it was startling how much the place had changed. Familiar landscapes of farm houses and grassy plains had been replaced by car dealerships, superstores, and chain restaurants. Gone were the corn fields and the split-level houses quietly situated on small streets with overgrown trees; now…

    • Thanks is giving


      As the holiday season rolls around, it’s easy to get caught in the minutia of planning and parties and to forget the significance of why we sit around a table and break bread. After all, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to give thanks. Amidst all of the expensive gifts and extravagant festivities, saying “thank…