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    • Sundance’s Best Kept Secret: The Docs


      There is no doubt that the Sundance Film Festival carries a lot of hype. Celebs show up promoting their film, take part in a film forum or two, hit a few parties, and casually brush shoulders with the common folk. It’s also showtime for film executives. They show up like a high school athletic scout – keeping…

    • Discarding Old Habits


      Self-Directed Learning and Its Unexpected Challenges Day 37 of working at Rule29. The days are growing shorter, the weather more bitter and I’m finally seeing my project come together in a valuable way. But structuring my own brand alignment research has been tougher than I expected. From defining objectives and creating interview questions to qualitative…

    • Preserving Our Sense Of Place


      When I graduated from college and returned to my hometown, it was startling how much the place had changed. Familiar landscapes of farm houses and grassy plains had been replaced by car dealerships, superstores, and chain restaurants. Gone were the corn fields and the split-level houses quietly situated on small streets with overgrown trees; now…

    • Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?


      Are you the favorite person of anybody? from Lucilio Correia on Vimeo. This is a profoundly simple short that revolves around a single question:  ”Are you the favorite person of anyone?”  It was written by Miranda July, directed by Miguel Arteta (Six Feed Under), features John C. Reilly, and premiered at Sundance a few years back.…

    • Moments of Wonder

      moments of wonder blog post-01

      Moments from Everynone on Vimeo. In the time that you read this sentence, numerous little “moments” will have occurred. You’ve chosen to read the words across a screen. Someone around you has chosen something else. A few seconds later, you’ll move on to another moment in time. The craziest part all? 8 billion people just…

    • Matters of Wonder at #HOWlive Boston 2012


      I’ve had the privilege of representing the team from Rule29 at several HOW Design Conferences, but this past conference in Boston was really special. I was able to give a presentation on Wonder, a word and a state of being that has grown near and dear to me, thanks mainly to the many conversations I…

    • The Power of Words

      power of words blog post

      This past weekend, our Creative Director Justin Ahrens spoke at the HOW Design Conference that happened to be in our beloved city of Chicago. His topic was “See Different. Do Different.” Being that we are somewhat obsessed with the notion of “seeing different” (and spend a significant amount of time writing and crafting copy), we…

    • The Most Imaginative (Animated) Film of All Time?

      spirited away blog post

      It’s not an “official” tradition, but more than not, our family sits down together to watch a movie (most) Friday evenings. And having a 10 year-old, 8 year-old, and a 4 year-old, each Friday is proving somewhat challenging to decide upon a movie that everyone enjoys… okay, let’s be honest, one that I enjoy and/or…

    • The Art of Wonder, Posture, and Sufjan


      This past Friday night, my wife and I had the chance to catch Sufjan Stevens live at the historic Chicago Theater – three days after the release of his latest full-length album, The Age of Adz (pronounced Odds). The moment we headed back to our car, the inevitable question showed up… So, what did you…