We take the implications of our work seriously.

We realize that our everyday activities affect not only our immediate environment and community, but also the generations to come and parts of the world we may never see first hand. Because of this, we have created a culture of constantly searching for more effective strategies to reduce our environmental impact while continuing to provide our clients with world-class design.This involves a measurable recycling process, carbon footprint tracking and goal-setting, employee and client education, and environmentally friendly printing practices.


Q3 Update (October, 2016)

At Rule29, part of our Green Initiative is publishing some key metrics for our environmental impact as a studio. Our Nest ratings were a bit higher in August, but this indicator is helpful as we explore how we can conserve more energy as we move into the cold months of Q4. While these numbers certainly don’t make up the full picture of our both positive and negative environmental impact, we feel they are an important guiding light for our progress.




We look at what each of us can do to make a difference and recycling is one thing we can control. We set goals to strive for and sometimes we don’t meet them, but the effort and dedication still makes a difference. Below is how we did with our recycling in 2015.



Energy Used

Our Nest continues to amaze us, there is not one day that we are not thankful for it! Especially when we get our monthly reports in and look at the money we are saving! Below is how we did with our energy consumption for 2015.


15318RU-Green-YearInfoGraphics-Nest_Energy copy


Green Case Studies

We employ a robust system to track and report our print projects. This includes working together as a studio to scrutinize the submission of printed pieces to ensure they meet high sustainable standards. We also continue to work with our clients and vendors to make sure we are approaching projects with the same environmental vision, and hope to see a large improvement in this area each year. With a variety of wonderful paper resources at our fingertips, we’ve been able to recommend amazing green papers to our clients, as permitted by the design.