USG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries including sheetrock and durock products. To create the 2014 Annual Report for USG, Rule29 created a design that demonstrated USG’s commitment to challenging conventions and showcased its impressive process for creating industry leading materials.

This was a 28-page booklet highlighting the year’s key financial and cultural highlights. It was printed on Sterling Premium by O’Neil Printing. Below are some of the green impacts produced from using more environmentally friendly papers and/or production methods.


15318RU-Green-CaseStudyInfo-USG-02_Energy 15318RU-Green-CaseStudyInfo-USG-02_GreenHouseGases 15318RU-Green-CaseStudyInfo-USG-02_Water 15318RU-Green-CaseStudyInfo-USG-02_Wood