This is a post from one of our designers, Edwin Carter


If you take a survey of our day to day work at Rule29, you’d be surprised to learn how we spend a few hours out of each week. One of the things that makes this place special is that each of us are empowered to spend time on projects that we care about or align with our interests. We call these projects initiatives, and they’re created to help us devote our thinking to solving a challenge or meeting a need at Rule29.

One of my roles is being part of the Green Initiative. With three members—Justin, Adrian, and myself—it’s our responsibility to explore ways we can make our day-to-day processes more environmentally conscious. With that in mind, I wanted to see what we could do as a group to challenge ourselves to make greater progress in our environmental footprint, and to also see if we could present our progress in interesting ways.

As with any challenge like this, making a change has to start with me. Over recent years, becoming more environmentally aware has become second nature — I find myself taking objects to the recycling container out of pure habit, and not following that habit feels very uncomfortable. More and more, I’m noticing that taking small steps towards environmentalism is a simple task, and sometimes we all need a push in the right direction.

Each one of us contributes to the waste and garbage the studio produces. Some amount may be out of our control such as paper selections for print projects, but others can be easily diminished by even a small amount of effort. Each one of us making a small change adds up to something larger. Looking at our environmental problems from that angle makes the impossible seem a bit more possible.

In the spirit of making the impossible seem possible, over the past few weeks we’ve been working on G29, a little group challenge we’ve created to build greener habits. Each of us is going to incorporate an activity into our daily routines that will have a more environmentally friendly outcome than the day before. This can be small change — even making sure to recycle at least five items a day or riding your bike to the grocery store rather than driving. But our hope is to create a habit out of these activities, a habit that will last past the 29 day challenge and grow into something larger. After all, big things often have small beginnings. Look for the unveiling of G29 in the coming weeks.

We’re also going to create case studies that will report and present how the production decisions we make for clients affect our environment. These case studies will feature data we gather from printers, which may include the number of trees saved if the client went with paper made partially from PCWs. Other data may include how much clean energy we used or the amount of CO2 reduction due to using a paper made from green energy. This will help us take an overall look at our progress and explore where we can improve.

Finally, Adrian redesigned our Designer Green Checklist downloads to give the Green Initiative a little update in color and style. It’s a new year, a fresh start. So let’s see what other avenues we can explore in our goal to be a better, greener, more creative group.