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    December 2012
    • Life Kerning Book & Mobile App

      Justin Ahrens, 2011

      This business book is a perfect read for any career path. In the graphic design industry, kerning is the fine-tuning or adjustment…

      Posted December 23, 2012
    • Graphic Artist’s Guild gets some Life Kerning

      This webinar challenged the common misconception that positive change in one’s life only comes from a complete system overhaul. Ahrens challenges this notion by inviting business leaders and professionals to not only reassess the various spaces and goals of one’s life, but to rethink our understanding of balance altogether.


      Posted December 20, 2012
    • A little woodchipper and wonder with the Fargo AFF

      Justin bundled up and spoke in Fargo on December 11th. A little #Wonder and a quick trip to the wood chipper was part of the trip.

      Posted December 11, 2012