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10 Years of Life Kerning: Live a Life That Fuels Your Work, and Work in a Way That Fuels Your Life.

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Hard to believe it’s been ten years since I wrote and released Life Kerning. So in celebration of that anniversary, it’s time to start a new idea as well as give away some copies for those who have not read it yet. Keep an eye out on each of our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for the chance to win! Winners will be announced weekly and reached out via direct messages. Here is the book description:

Great design comes not in the lightning strike of a brilliant idea but in the painstaking process of refinement. Part of the design process involves kerning, the meticulous adjustment of space between letterforms (type). And so it is in life that the achievement of excellence comes not in broad strokes but in deliberate and incremental change.

In Life Kerning, I apply this concept to both your life and career. There is a common misconception that positive change can only come from a complete system overhaul. I challenge this notion by inviting business leaders and professionals to not only reassess the goals of your life but also to rethink your understanding of balance altogether.

Using insights and observations from both the creative and professional world, this book guides you in determining what you’re passionate about, and then how to keep those passions at the forefront of your life and career. Discover strategies to apply to your life and career that will allow you to:

• Reach out to others strategically and trust the collaboration process
• Create space in your life and add enjoyment to your day-to-day existence
• Develop critical decision-making skills
• Establish an inspiring and motivating workplace environment
• Learn how and when to ask for more
• Embrace your curiosity and become a catalyst for positive change

Live a life that fuels your work, and work in a way that fuels your life. Life Kerning shows you how one minuscule step at a time!

Need more reasons to check it out? Here is a nice endorsement from the expert of experts himself David Baker: Life Kerning is a very good read. The style is such that you feel like Justin is alongside you as you both discover how to navigate work and life. As I was reading it, I found myself drawn further and further into the concepts just by the authenticity with which they were delivered, but honestly, the concepts themselves are meaty but accessible. I’m going to give this away to a lot of my friends and clients.”
— David C. Baker, ReCourses, Inc.

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