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5 Work from Home Essentials

2 minutes

The Rule29 team has been working from home for almost eight weeks, and along the way we’ve found five things that we’ve deemed essential when working from home. 

  1. Set up a dedicated place to work. Experts recommend setting up a spot in your home for your new office. Usually, we have a commute home to reset and a new space to relax at the end of the day, but now we are living at the office. Working in your makeshift office will allow you to leave at the end of the day and have that separation.
  2. By now, you’ve probably had a few at-home Zoom meetings. Take it up a level with a creative Zoom background. Download some we made just for you—you’re going to look great while also inspiring your team. 
  3. TAKE A BREAK! Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Taking a lunch break and stepping away from your at-home office will give your body a chance to refresh and reset. Take a walk outside (please social distance) and enjoy the fresh air and sun… thank goodness spring has sprung! 
  4. Communicate and be understanding. Having a whole team working remotely can be difficult, so don’t ever think you’re overcommunicating. Have calls, video chats (with your R29 Zoom background, of course), and be patient. You are doing a great job—working from home isn’t for everybody. 
  5. Make plans outside of work hours. Just like normal workdays, plan a virtual dinner or drinks with your friends over Zoom after work! Need to get out of the house? Get in your car and go for a sunset cruise with your favorite tunes blaring. Having something to look forward to is sure to make the workday go by quickly!

We hope that you take the time to take care of yourself during this time and that these tips make your life a little easier!