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7.5 Mozart Minutes for Creative Block

2 minutes

Do you listen to music at work? We do – all day long. In fact, I think we’d consider it an integral part of our workday. But why does music resonate so well with us (pardon the pun)? And does it have the ability to change or improve the way we work?

Everyone is different, but we all have one basic similarity: we live as a function of rhythm (our heartbeat). Music is a function of rhythm and tone. It’s been proven that the human heart responds to music tempo – slowing to match a slow song, and speeding up to quicker music. Some people’s hearts even begin to beat in sync with music tempo. So you can see, at a very basic yet profound level, we as humans and music are somehow connected.

Here’s a specific example of how this simple connection might play out for your benefit. Studies show that employee accuracy increased by nearly 20% and efficiency by 18% when certain (classical) music was played in the background as compared to working with popular radio. Similar studies also talk of an increase in creativity, but those results were more difficult to measure.

Okay, why am I boring you with all these tedious details? I want to give you a quick tip to try for the next time you have a creative block.

Next time you are in a creative slump, download a Mozart album and listen to it for seven and a half minutes. This may either sound like heaven or torture to you, depending on what you think about classical music. But try it. And I mean really listen to it. Sit back and don’t touch your email, phone, or even your sketchbook. Just listen. Then after 7.5 minutes, pick up your sketchbook.

Or, if you really don’t want to do the classical thing or spend the cash, check out this video from TED:

It’s a quick and excellent example of the power of music; make sure to watch all the way to the end. (Side note: have you seen The Soloist? Excellent movie; true story)

See what happens, and let us know if it helps.