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A Whole New Creative Compound: Oxide Joins Rule29

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In 2001, Justin Ahrens and I did not know each other, but we each began a very similar endeavor: to build a creative firm that would improve the world around us, to care for our teams, and to use the power of design for good.

And indeed, twenty years ago I founded Oxide Design Co., and ever since my team and I have been transforming businesses into brands consumers love and using design to empower our community. Likewise, Rule29 forged a similar path, crafting nationally recognized creative to help build businesses and improve the world for the better through the use of design.

Now, we are excited to announce that Oxide and Rule29 are joining forces to continue to make creative matter® on an even larger scale. 

Amidst the upheaval of 2020, Rule29 and Oxide discovered a rare opportunity to combine our two perfectly aligned firms in a way that allows Justin and I to focus on our strengths and to build a more robust team, thus creating an entity that is more than the sum of its parts. Justin will continue his role as Chief Evangelist, broadening the reach of Rule29, and I will serve as Chief Creative Officer, leading the combined creative team.

Merging Rule29 and Oxide will immediately expand Rule29’s creative capabilities and instantly broaden our breadth of experience. We’ll have a wider array of insight we can use to creatively solve problems – using branding, environments, print, digital, video, and whatever else the future holds. Together we’ll cultivate a unified team that collaborates fervently to produce even more exceptional strategic creative.

Oxide’s long-standing work on national election and ballot design will remain a part of our Design for Good work, as it perfectly aligns with Rule29’s B Corp certification and desire to use design to make meaningful impact. We’ll also continue to maintain a presence in both Omaha and Chicagoland, supporting the growth and prosperity of our local communities while we also serve national and international clients.

Personally, I couldn’t be more thrilled about the merger. This pairing feels like it’s meant to be – like we’ve been unknowingly working towards this point. Our more than 40 years of combined leadership, working with clients like Microsoft, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Fellowes, UNICEF, Converse, and more gives our clients a world of experience with the personal service and care we believe is essential. So if we haven’t worked together ever, or in a while, let’s talk today. And for the clients we have partnered with for years, expect even more of our new team to make creative matter for you!

Oxide and Rule29 are joining forces to continue to make creative matter on an even larger scale.

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