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Behind the Scenes of By a Show of Hands

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It seems like this time every year we all get so busy—personally and in business. Each September we find ourselves having the same conversation: should we host By a Show of Hands this year? Our annual goofy, fun, hand turkey competition. For the last 14 years we’ve decided yes; why would we skip something that gives people a break to have fun? 

We get professional illustrators, entire school classes, and everyone in between taking a break to explore an idea, to bust out the crayons, cut paper, their ipad, etc., and just create. 

We really hope that people still spend the time creating in a way that brings them joy in a world, or a period every year, that can feel a bit heavy at times. We definitely found joy and many laughs working on our social posts to promote By a Show of Hands and wanted to share some of our sketches with you. Check them out below. 

Let’s keep making creative mater, there is plenty of time for us to be serious ✋🦃 Reminder Sketches

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