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Branding from the Beginning

1 minutes

Fellowes is known for their Bankers Box and office supplies and wanted to design a brand new office products. They asked Rule29 to create the new brand that captures the story and aesthetic of a high-end, innovative, and beautifully designed office chair that will disrupt the ergonomic industry.  

Meet Elea. The chair that moves you. 

This project allowed us to research, develop, and design the Elea brand from the ground up in collaboration with the Fellowes team. With this sophisticated office chair, the branding had to set the tone and represent a luxury aesthetic on every level. Rule29 developed the Elea logo to illustrate the innovation and refinement the chair represents. The upward motion in the “e” represents the fluidity and range of motion offered by the chair’s one-of-a-kind design. We also extended the Elea brand identity through a variety of sales materials that included a brochure, cut-sheet, direct mail piece, pop-up banner, and booklet. We also were able to tell the story of the product through the custom photography, animations, and videos. The Elea chair has launched and we are excited to track its success.

We really enjoyed making creative matter on this project, and we are ready to do the same for you let’s talk today!

Intrigued about the Elea Chair? Check it out.