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Season 6 | Episode 32

The Design Of Willet’s Chief Whiskey Officer: Meet Britt Kulsveen

1 minutes

Design Of LogoBourbon. These days it seems to be the hottest spirit around, but do you ever wonder where it is made? Who are the actual bourbon makers? We did too — so much so that we produced a book about it! We did our research by going to the only place one should go to look for Bourbon Truth: Kentucky.

Kentucky is synonymous with bourbon, for many reasons. It’s most like the birthplace of bourbon, and it’s certainly where bourbon made it’s mark. But it’s more than just historical reasons that bourbon is intimately tied to Kentucky. The truth is, there are few things left in American culture that are connected to place, people, and tradition. Bourbon is one of them.

And so, for episode 31, we are fortunate to be able to sit down with Britt Kulsveen, the Chief Whiskey Officer of Willett Distillery, one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in Bardstown, the heart of Kentucky Bourbon making. Hear how Britt’s family has been a part of that very tradition now for five generations. You’ll enjoy her unique view on life and her desire for everyone to enjoy bourbon, especially Willett, spirit forward. Cheers!