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By a Show of Hands Hand-Turkey Competition!

1 minutes

Our 15th annual By a Show of Hands hand-turkey design competition is officially underway! An engaging fall activity for all ages to enjoy, By a Show of Hands elevates the idea behind the standard hand turkey. In the spirit of competition, creative minds are encouraged to put their own personalized spin on our provided hand-shaped template. 

There truly are no limitations to how you want to approach the design and creation of your hand-turkey. Whether you are proficient on paper, or if you prefer to dabble in digital design, the choice is entirely yours! We can’t wait to see where everybody’s creativity takes them!

And what competition would it be if we didn’t offer prizes for those whose turkeys stood out from the flock? Best of all, the winner selected from each of the 3 competitive tiers will receive amazon gift cards! 

Interested in trying your hand at this competition? There’s still time to enter your turkey and cast your votes at We hope to see you there!