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Breaking Through The Noise

The average consumer gets hit with thousands of ad impressions each day across print, environmental, broadcast, digital, or social advertising. Rule29 is ready to help you cut through the static and connect with your audience. Let's start making impressions today.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Digital & Social
American Marketing Association
Confidence Prepared

This ad is an evolution of the established Professional Certified Marketer brand that we developed. The gradient and confident focal point emphasize the growth and confidence an individual receives when they become a professional certified marketer. The flowing arrows are featured as with other brand collateral, though this ad differentiates itself by using the arrow as a window. This is an adaptation of the image treatment style by cutting out the key focal point with the gradient background.

This style further emphasizes the messaging of one building their own path and the arrow acts as a window into that by showing an individual moving onward towards success with the help of the PCM© program.

Tailored Advertisements

Fellowes has been a prominent force within the workplace solutions industry for nearly 100 years. We were lucky to work as their strategic creative partner for a variety of needs. We created an assortment of advertisements for their bankers box and aeramax shredder. The advertisements were tailored to their unique audience.

Follow the Box

From conception to full production, we were involved every step of the way to ensure their campaign was successful.

How We Think

We are often approached by companies because we're willing to think out of the box. Fellowes was launching a new travel folio for tablets and wanted to explore ways to communicate the product's usefulness and high-end appeal. They asked us to be a part of concepting ideas for messaging and creative that would get the attention of business men and women who travel frequently for their jobs and need an all-in-one solution for their work on the go.

Easy Work, Easy Travel.

After a few concept iterations, we recommended a top-down photo shoot to illustrate the product's quality construction and thoughtful design.

Location Intelligence in Action

Cuebiq is the largest location intelligence database in the United States. They often struggle with the perception that location-technology is overwhelming and hard to understand. To combat this mindset, Cuebiq’s brand focuses on the consumer and how brands can connect easier than ever. This ad features imagery as the focal point to connect to the end goal for the Clara product.

Additional line elements are reminiscent of target-mapping and data-driven approach.

Fruition Partners
Elevating Service Mangement

By providing unified solutions for IT and beyond, Fruition Partners enables customers of all industry verticals to overcome their most pressing IT needs. When they brought best-in-class services all under one roof and planned to unveil it at the industry’s biggest conference, Rule29 was there to help. From creating pre-show advertising, materials, booth, airport, and transit signage, we made sure Fruition's messaging and brand was consistent throughout the conference experience.

Extending the message

With the ads everywhere, it was a perfect intro for any extension

Pink Differently Campaign
Pink Differently

The American Cancer Society (ACS) Pink Differently campaign asks the public to go beyond the barrage of pink ribbon products and do more to fight the war against cancer. They asked Rule29 to help spread the message across a variety of channels, including print and televised advertising, the web, and around the city in the form of billboards and transportation signage.

A personal touch

A line of feet with illustrations and the words “Pink Differently” handwritten across the bottoms encouraged people to participate in a series of walks across the Chicagoland area – with the goal of raising money for cancer research.

Youfit Ad Campaign
What's Your Fit?

Youfit came to R29 wanting a fresh, new national ad campaign that would encourage people who were casual exercisers to join a Youfit gym for just $10 a month. The campaign included broadcast, transit, and print and direct mail advertising pieces. The campaign they chose featured people accomplishing health-related goals that were important to them, such as fitting back into a wedding dress after 12 years or running a 5k, only stopping to walk once.

Like a boss

Rule29 wanted to emphasize the sense of “power” these sorts of achievements give to people, and we decided the best way to do so would be to characterize average citizens as superheroes accomplishing great feats of strength in their normal, everyday lives.

Invesco Series
A Legendary Environment

Tennis legends come together each year to battle it out on the court for the PowerShares Series® competitive tour. Rule29 had the opportunity to brand the event, design the logo, website, environmental, print and digital advertising, event materials, and more.

Location, location, location

We created geolocated digital buys and host-city transit signage

Alice Cooper Promotional Materials
Invesco Ads
OfficeMax Ad Campaign

The office supply retailer OfficeMax needed a Back-to-School advertisement to highlight various promotions that they were offering back-to-school shoppers. We chose bright colors and punchy graphics to complement the OfficeMax brand look and feel, and we created an attractive piece for the Sunday paper.

Best performer

We created a series of three different ads for testing. The highest performing ad was used during the rest of the campaign.