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Stories for Good

Our favorite clients are the ones who make "doing good" a priority. Allstate Insurance has cultivated a rich internal culture based on being a force for good, and we've loved partnering with them to tell this story.

Capabilities Used

Digital & Social
Web Design & Development
A Good Story Makes You Laugh & Cry

Maryse, a longtime employee at Allstate, had a story to tell and Allstate wanted to help her tell it. After a period of creative exploration of current trends in visual storytelling, we recommended creating a video that blended audio interviews, live-action, and animation – the perfect match for Maryse's authentic and playful personality. The video was shown internally to employees to celebrate her contribution to the company, as well as externally to demonstrate Allstate's caliber of employees and depth of caring for the broader world.

Our Shared Purpose: Digital Experience

What makes Allstate Insurance truly unique is how they take their "In Good Hands" motto to heart. To reaffirm this calling and sense of purpose, Allstate has a internal culture book that helps employees understand what the company stands for and helps embody the spirit of service that Allstate promotes. We created the digital experience of their Our Shared Purpose book on their website, Allstate.com.

Our Shared Purpose: Print Experience

Along with the digital format, we also created a print booklet to give employees a physical remembrance of the ethos of the company and the mission of each and every person who works there.

Buses with a Message

When you've got a rallying cry that works, take it to the streets! That's exactly what we did with Allstate when we helped to create the bus wraps for their inner-campus shuttle. To help reinforce familiarity with the Allstate Our Shared Purpose, we designed on-brand bus graphics that would be seen far and wide across the Allstate offices in Northbrook, IL.