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A year in the making

Companies only get one shot to report their past year's efforts, cast vision for the future, and continue to press towards new horizons. Rule29 will help craft that story into the right narrative and format that honors your brand, investors, shareholders, or donors.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Raffles Insurance

This annual report focused on Raffles’ security, strength, and sophistication. Beautiful landscape photography, layered brand elements, and patterns in the background added depth while providing an elegant touch. These elements highlight Raffles’ expertise in the industry and emphasize the benefits partners experience when they join the Raffles community.

A New Look Forward

This eye-catching annual uses bold typography to create a high-end, professional look and feel for the medical association. Using organic shapes from the logo mark, this cover highlights a primary element of the newly refreshed brand. This view also hints at an enlarged visual, similar to what an arthroscopic doctor would see inside the scope.

Millenium Strategy Partners
Creating a Responsible Annual Report

Rule29 created the 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report for Gran Tierra Energy, Inc. Together with its subsidiaries, Gran Tierra focuses on oil and gas exploration and production in Colombia. This annual report focused on economy, environment, and community to share Gran Tierra’s corporate success with their stakeholders.

We used full-color, full-bleed images of the Columbian landscape to showcase the beauty of the environment from an aerial perspective. Throughout the report, we highlighted key information and statistics through infographics and typographic hierarchy. This combination proved Gran Tierra’s transparent, safe, and responsible portfolio to be one of the best in the world.

Archway Insurance
Built for Control

For a lighter brand approach, this annual report utilizes minimal hits of color across a landscape of white to create a sophisticated and elegant style. This direction was created to resonate perfectly for an audience of business owners and executives.

When it came down to the financial information, we wanted to create a clean layout that allowed the numbers to standalone without confusion. All in all, the Archway brand was elevated in story and sophistication with this report.

Inspiring innovation

For the USG Annual Report, Rule29 created a design that demonstrated USG’s commitment to challenging conventions and showcased its impressive process for creating industry-leading materials. The annual report maintained an angular styling and vivid imagery, drawn from USG’s corporate logo.

Helping the World’s Most Vulnerable Find Hope, Health, and Healing.

Throughout this annual report, you’ll find quotes and stories of transformation that demonstrate the true impact Lifewater can make when we all work together. Behind all the data, statistics, and numbers are vulnerable people needing safe water, health, and hope. This annual tells that story.

Demonstrating Impact

We used illustrated infographics mixed with in-country photography to communicate major milestones and metrics of Lifewater’s work.

2018 – Multiply

We partnered with Lifewater to create their annual report for FY 2018. The “Multiply” theme connects to Lifewater’s heart to multiply health and hope by striving to end the global water and sanitation crisis, one village at a time. This theme is visualized with the dual use of both duotone and full-color imagery. This stacked interaction of images and text is also applied to callouts and quotes, establishing a consistent look and feel throughout the piece.
By highlighting Lifewater’s Healthy Village model and its lasting impact on communities, we were able to support Lifewater’s efforts reach even more people with health, hope, and lasting change.

Team RWB
Members in focus

Team RWB Annual Report was designed to showcase a large composition of imagery to allow the focus be towards the members that make Team RWB. Overlaying gradients with the imagery allowed the essence and feel of the brand to come through but also have copy fit within the space. Cutouts of the 6-sided polygon from the iconography were used to create feeling of forward momentum.

Ace Hardware
The Cradle
Celebrating A Long Legacy

For almost 10 years, Rule29 had the privilege of helping tell The Cradle's story. Renowned as one of the foremost adoption agencies in the country, since 1923 The Cradle has helped place more than 15,000 children in permanent, loving homes. Their annual report was part celebration, part reporting, and part fundraising to keep their incredible work going.

Little details

A playful set of illustrations in the colorful Cradle brand palette contrasted with the rich photography and made the information more approachable.

Life in Abundance
An Unfolding Story

For the 2010 Life In Abundance (LIA) annual report, we took on the theme of “Unfolding Story” and took inspiration from a folded-poster format. In this third installment of the report, our goal was to reveal the stories of transformation in the impoverished communities served by LIA.

Transform Togther

Life In Abundance believes it’s time to wake up and solve the world’s problems: poverty, disease, and injustice. To make that happen, LIA has developed a unique model for transformational development to improve the human condition, focusing on economic empowerment, community health, education, and social engagement. We highlighted these models through beautiful imagery and used illustrated type to bring them to life.

National Christian Foundation
Generous Giving

National Christian Foundation's annual Ministry Report showcased stories of people who stepped out of their comfort zone and made their larger-than-life dreams of generosity and service a reality. NCF came to Rule29 to help present these stories in an elegant print piece. Beautiful photography, clean lines, and a vibrant color palette helped create a showpiece for the organization, proving to be one of their most highly received in recent years.

Creative Matters Report

Rule29 Creative created this report to show the world how we make creative matter, from strategy to storytelling to design.