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Print Campaigns

There's no better place to explore creativity than with a paper company. We're infinitely grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Appleton on several campaigns that required us to exercise our creative muscles!

Capabilities Used

Web Design & Development
Digital & Social

Our work with Appleton Coated has not only been fun to flex our print and paper knowledge, but we have also been recognized from several industry publications on the design, print, and production of their promotional pieces. Click on the trophy icon for one of these examples.

Off to the Races

In 2013, Appleton Coated went through a major brand refresh and, by 2014, they were ready to step out and reveal the brand to the world. We created the We Are One brochure as a piece that AC could present to clients and the broader design community.

One Mill Strong

The Who We Are print piece emphasizes the brand's new messaging and look/feel. It truly embodies the essence of who Appleton Coated is: an American-made, service-oriented, hardworking paper company.

Curious About Print

Showcasing the playful potential of Curious Matter, Metallics, Skin and Touch, Curious About Print: Matter is the fourth in a series of inspirational and educational guidebooks.

Curious About Print

The book’s design showcases four different Curious grades in a visual mashup of colors, textures, and images. All for the purpose of helping designers and creators alike to imagine the various possibilities that Curious papers bring to any project.

To be Green

Appleton Coated has a deep commitment to being as responsible to the environment as possible. This brochure showcases their vision on how to use their paper line and gives insight into how to reduce your own environmental impact.

The signature guide

The swatchbook is the paper bible for any paper mill. When you need to know exactly what a specific line of paper's surface feels like, the actual color of the paper, or how it will print, the swatch book is the key guide. As the main marketing piece for all of its papers, Appleton asked us to create a theme centered around what was "truly" Appleton. Since they are an American-owned mill, we chose to focus on beautiful American landmarks and themed images for key paper traits.

Breaking it down

Clear directions, beautiful imagery, and clear color-coded wayfinding helps customers get through this massive book of information. We collaborated with the Appleton Coated team to make this a detailed yet usable and educational experience.

Pre-Launch Promotions

With the launch of the Utopia Swatchbook, we helped build out announcement posts before it hit the streets.

All in the family

Over the years we've designed a family of print collateral and digital counterparts that are informative, inspiring, educational and beautifully produced.

Green Promo

Appleton Coated knew they wanted to make a big appearance at the 2016 HOW Design Live in Atlanta, and were looking for a one-of-a-kind both concept to draw in the conference attendees. To differentiate Appleton Coated from other paper mills at the conference, Rule29 created the theme, “This is Green: A Paper Fantasy Land” as a nod to Appleton’s focus on sustainable manufacturing and love for all things whimsical and quirky. We were thankful to have Molly Z, a local Chicago artist who excels in this very kind of playful, character-driven creative style, provide the art for the project.

Having Fun, Spreading the Word.

Social media assets were utilized to promote Appleton Coated’s presence at HOW 2016.

Persona driven

When redesigning the Appleton Coated web presence we painstakingly broke it down to the key features that our research revealed as paramount to a successful experience. We provided simple ways to request promotions, learn about the paper, provide feedback and get educated on the Appleton difference.