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Ardeo Education Solutions

Passion Is Worth Insuring

Ardeo understands the life-changing power of higher education and offers Student Loan Insurance and Loan Repayment Assistance Programs to enable students and institutions to reach their full potential. When it came time to launch their new product, Rule29 dove into research and messaging to launch their website and reach their ideal personas.

The Challenge

Ardeo has found success in selling Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) directly to universities that then sell to students but wanted to expand their reach and sell directly to the parent and students who are about to embark on their college careers. With that being said, they needed to understand their personas, how to reach them, and know what they really want and need with this product.

Research and Strategy

Rule29 immediately suggested an in-depth research project to understand Ardeo, its products, and customers. We began by interviewing Ardeo employees which let us understand their goals, experiences, and thoughts about Ardeo’s products. From there, we lead in-depth interviews with parents of high school-aged students. These interviews dove into the concerns about the costs of college and their honest feedback about a product like Student Loan Insurance. Once we completed the interviews, we needed to understand the feelings behind the Ardeo Brand. We held a Brand Alignment Session with Ardeo C-Suite members where we dove into the 4 Ps of a brand: purpose, personality, perceptions, and promise.

The Solution

Instead of focusing on the product, let’s focus on the passion. Rule29 analyzed the data gathered through the brand alignment session and interviews which lead to a common consensus: there is passion in going to college and passion is worth insuring. We developed new messaging to tap into the feelings about going to college and understand that there are fears about paying for it. Working with Ardeo offers peace of mind and enables students to attend their dream colleges. With the new messaging in place, we dove into designing and developing a new website to share this message to their personas.

Colleges and universities use Ardeo's services


Wouldn't enroll in college without Ardeo's LRAP*


Custom illustrations designed to communicate the Ardeo process

*Based on a 2021 survey of 1,200 families of students at several institutions by Ruffalo Noel Levitz

With many presentations, both internal and external, Ardeo needed templates to keep the brand look consistent in everything they share. We established a comprehensive PowerPoint template to look customized but on brand every time.

Icons That Tell a Story

To continue to tell the new Ardeo story, we designed a custom icon library to create visual interest on their website, presentation decks, and other brand collateral. Each icon has a distinct meaning that aligns with the new messaging.