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Artemis Teas

The Power of the Rebrand

Artemis Teas & Botanicals’ handcrafted, small-batch blends are created with mindful precision to arouse the senses, stimulate imagination, and support vibrant well-being. They are committed to total wellness and ensure that their teas are good for people and good for the plants.


Brand, Logo, and Identity

Website Development

Infographics and Illustration

Packaging and Retail

The Challenge

Artemis Teas & Botanicals had initial local success, and they sensed an opportunity to expand into retail, wholesale, bulk, and even online markets. They came to us needing branding and packaging that kept the integrity of their commitment to the environment while elevating the brand to a professionalism that would grant them a presence on national store shelves.

Artemis Teas Packaging


We started the brand development process by asking deeper questions. What kind of person would buy Artemis Teas, and how do we convey to them that this brand is what they’re looking for? How do we encourage other people to try Artemis Teas that might not otherwise have noticed the brand? How could we build a brand that authentically communicates a true desire to make the world a better place, and then source sustainable packaging that fulfills the promise? Additionally, we did a broad competitive analysis of local, regional, and national tea brands—both small and large—in order to be able to place Artemis in a truly unique space.

Old Artemis Teas Logo

Old logo

New Artemis Teas Logo

New logo

The Solution

We designed an updated logo featuring a handcrafted illustration of their namesake Greek goddess, bow drawn heavenward in an aspirational pose, with a style that reiterates the artisanal quality of the tea. Each tea is hand-blended and mindfully crafted with unique purpose and flavor. Likewise, the packaging design for each blend includes its own color and an identifying rune. The bags feature one of two styles, distinguishing between the two tea types: ancient medicine (featuring a woodcut of various tea ingredients) or archetypal (featuring a woodcut of Artemis). To meet their sustainable/earth-friendly needs, we sourced a compostable laminated kraft bag that features the industry’s highest percentage of compostable material by weight.

Artemis Teas Runes
Artemis Teas Packaging


Rebranding tripled Artemis’ revenue and landed them on store shelves across the nation. Their clientele grew from a hyper-local Omaha market to national markets in more than a dozen states, from Hawaii to Washington, D.C. Wholesale purchasing increased tenfold, expanding to include coffee and tea shops, retail, restaurants, yoga studios, and corporate offices.

Artemis Teas Packaging
Ingredients Used in Artemis Teas
Artemis Teas Packaging in A Kitchen
Manipura Chai Tea

Beyond branding and packaging, we helped Artemis establish an easy-to-use e-commerce website—simultaneously conveying the core brand and also making the purchasing process effortless. We also expanded the brand into signage, banners, and business cards to assist with Artemis’ sales efforts.

Mindfully Crafted Teas Design


Revenue growth


Increase in wholesale sales

New states of distribution

Huntress Tea from Artemis Teas
Ingredients Used In Artemis Teas
Picture of Teas Offered at Artemis Teas