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Thoughtful Food, Delicious Brand

The beautiful thing about influencing a brand from the ground up is that you have the opportunity to help craft the brand experience... What "feeling" do we want our audience to encounter? Blackberry Market gave us this opportunity – to not only create the basic elements (logo, packaging, signage, print, etc...), but help design the space itself... What music should be playing in the background? What imagery should be visible? What temperature should the light bulbs be?... All of which have influenced a delicious brand experience.

Capabilities Used

Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Digital & Social
An Established Brand

We wanted Blackberry Market's brand to look established from day one. This meant that the brand would need to be bold enough to differentiate, yet approachable enough to embody the local vibe.

Walking Billboards

"Our favorite thing about our packaging is that it they have become prominent billboards throughout town. Every day we get to see residents walking down the street with a coffee cup or a to-go bag in their hands. It makes us smile every time!" - The Owners

Presentation Matters

"While we understand how to present food, we leaned on Rule29 to help us present anything packaged. Our customers were blown away at how we could produce branded bottles on such a small scale. We put them next to 'the big chains' bottles with confidence!" - The Owners


"The table is the place where you connect and belong." This was the quote that inspired the interiors, the design, and the approach our team would take to help craft an inviting and consistent brand experience.

Just Feels Right

When asked to design and produce menus for customers as they stand in line, we wanted to recommend a look and paper that reflected the handmade nature of the food. This was done by recommending a high quality craft paper that was able to absorb the color to showcase a muted and casual design.

Mobile Matters

We learned early on that customers go to a local cafe's website for very specific reasons... directions, menu, and placing to-go orders. We wanted these elements to be front and center throughout the experience - particularly mobile as 97% of website traffic for Blackberry Market is mobile.

Social Flare

Blackberry Market's #1 channel for marketing is Instagram. This is because: 1) This is where their audience is and 2) People buy with their eyes. We provided the Blackberry team with a visual framework to execute any seasonal campaign.