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Closeup of a Book Closeup of a Book
Books and Publishing

People Really Do Judge A Book By Its Cover.

We have worked with New York Times bestselling authors, some of the biggest publishers in the world, and companies of all sizes wanting to celebrate a milestone. Whether special edition, anniversary, fiction or nonfiction, we can help you craft your book and the promotional campaign needed to get it out to the masses.


  • Book Covers
  • Full Book Design and Production
  • Corporate Books
  • Special Edition and Anniversary Books
  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Promotional and Launch Campaigns

We love story and we couldn’t express that love better than how Andrew Stanton, director of Pixar puts it, “Stories can cross the barriers of time, past, present, and future, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and through others, real and imagined.” And like our love for movies, we also believe in the power and unique characteristics a story gives when delivered in a form of a book. We have been author, curator, designer, and of course readers of books for the shelf and for our clients. We are ready to help “write” your story and deliver it in this most tangible and magical way.

Simply Bourbon

Rule29 is a group of creative storytellers and bourbon enthusiasts that have combined our abilities to produce and publish a beautiful and memorable book on bourbon.

Simply Bourbon offers insights, suggestions, recipes, and more that are sure to pique your interests, whether you are a new member of the bourbon community or a seasoned taster. To order your very own copy, visit

Simply Bourbon Book
Bourbon Book and Bourbon Bottle Laid Out
Bourbon Book Bottle Shot
Bourbon Book Spread
Bourbon Book Drink Page
Bourbon Book Laid Out


When it comes to brand books, we see them as the compass with which our clients use to navigate every step of using a brand, and our work with Signal is no exception.

Signal has referred to themselves as beacons for those who prioritize keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. Rule29 worked closely with their team to make sure all aspects of the brand were bold and consistent. Every detail – from the imagery and incorporation of their company colors, down to the detailed and informative copy – served as a platform for us to communicate the importance of the Signal vision.


Mezmorizing Masterpiece

We designed this convention journal with an emphasis on keeping things organized. It has ample space for structuring daily itineraries, jotting down thought-provoking ideas, or even the occasional sketch or doodle.


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross chose Rule29 to create an anniversary book documenting their amazing art collection, amassed throughout their 125-year existence. From Normal Rockwell to Romero Britto, it was an honor to go through the decades of priceless art and curate this impressive collection.

American Red Cross Anniversary Book
Interior of American Red Cross Anniversary Book
American Red Cross Anniversary Book Interior

DC Comics

DC Comics connected with the Rule29 team wanting to design and publish graphic content for their new “Superman Returns” hardcover companion book.

The finished product is packed with amazing images from the talented David James. Working with Dearborn Media and DC Comics, we approached the project with a sense of familiarity to the Superman brand and structured the overall design idea behind that. Loyal fans will find every detail, down to the minute, is accounted for, allowing an enriching behind-the-scenes visual experience that takes the viewer beyond the screen.



For their 50th Anniversary, NPL wanted to celebrate by creating a corporate book that highlighted not only the history of the company but also the growth of the construction industry. For the cover we chose gold foil to help highlight the special nature of this moment, and we used rich color and printing techniques throughout the interior. Corporate values and leadership were also highlighted throughout the reading experience. A timeline documented key moments of growth, both in the company and in the industry at large.

NPL Anniversary Book Intro
NPL anniversary book covers stacked one on top of another


The journey of Lifewater is one whose impact is best conveyed through story. As a non-profit, Lifewater has selflessly dedicated itself to serving populations in need around the world with sources of fresh water, sanitation solutions, and hygiene programs.

We worked with Lifewater to publish a beautiful and very impactful book to raise awareness about the world water crisis and the impact Lifewater can make with the reader’s support.



For their 25th anniversary, FONA International worked with Rule29 to tell their company story, which was founded on forward-thinking, generosity, and the pursuit of excellence. The result was a hardbound coffee table book documenting a quarter-century of exceptional service and success in the flavor industry. The metallic cover is stamped with a shiny foil and FONA’s brand colors to commemorate their silver anniversary. The interior features historic photos from FONA’s humble beginnings, alongside full-bleed photography of FONA as it exists today. The stories of family and business fill the pages, creating a collection that celebrates FONA’s brand, culture, and future.

FONA Anniversary Book
Interior of FONA Anniversary Book
FONA Anniversary Book Research Page
FONA Anniversary Book

Arizona: 100 Years Grand

Brimming with quality images and rich culture, we designed and published this high-end coffee table book to highlight some of the best qualities Arizona has to offer.

This book is equal parts a visual spectacle and an educative resource, or as the Arizona Centennial best describe, a “master’s-level course in Arizona.” Readers will soon become Arizona aficionados thanks to this timeless publication.

close up of front cover of the Arizona Book. Brown cover with an image of the grand canyon
inside page of Arizona book displaying Arizona rocky landscape
side view of book displaying the title
inside page of the Arizona book displaying the American flag and Arizona flag with a blue sky background
front cover and sleeve of Arizona book on top of another copy of the book open displaying some inner pages

Life Kerning

Rule29 designed the cover, implemented a clean typeset style, and created fresh illustrations for each chapter of this book written by Rule29’s very own Justin Ahrens. Custom geometric-style shape drawings were placed on a textured background to set the stage for an engaging read. We extended the look to the website, an iPhone app, a Facebook page, and a video.

How do you live a life that fuels your work and work in a way that fuels your life? Life Kerning is all about making small steps to get closer to that elusive work-life balance. Each chapter has a theme illustration that we shared via social media to promote the book.

Life Kerning Cover
Life Kerning Front and Back Cover
Pen and Pencil in Pocket Illustration
Shot of Life Kerning Book
Life Kerning Book Map
Life Kerning Man Illustration

575 Publishing

In collaboration with 575 Publishing and the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University, we had the opportunity to design Cyd Harrell’s A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide.

18F alumnae Cyd Harrell put every single thing she knows about civic tech into this book, which serves as both an onboarding guide and a survival manual. It outlines the types of projects, partnerships, and people that civic technologists encounter, and the methods they can use to make lasting change. Rule29 designed a cover to convey the interconnectedness of citizens with civic tech across the United States, and we typeset the 168-page publication.

Civic Tech Book
Civic Tech Book

Various Books

Rule29 has 20+ years of designing, promoting, and producing a variety of books from conception, writing, cover design, interiors, and more. Fiction, nonfiction, well-known series, graphic novels, or storybooks, we have designed all types of publishing projects from some of the world’s largest publishers as well as some barely known.

Closeup of a Book
Rockport Business Card Design
Various Book Designs
Action Bible Design
Various Book Designs
Letterhead and Logo Design

An open door to a world of creativity and color.

Like many creatives, we cut our teeth drawing and scribbling in the pages of coloring books, so we decided it was time to make our own. The result is the Rule29 Variety Show Coloring Book, a whimsical production featuring contemporary grayscale art and design from some of your favorite designers. Want a copy? Just shoot us an email 🙂

Rule29 Activity Book