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Capabilities Used

Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Level Ground
Collectively Inspiring Empathy

Level Ground is a collective of people, conversations, and experiences that inspire empathy and build relationships across our differences. When designing their brand we took a great deal of time thinking through how it can literally be connected and look integrated in it's letterforms and brand style.

A Modern Refresh

As the Level Ground organization shifted their focus more toward cultural equality, they needed a logo that was more inclusive. The goal for the new mark was to create more flexibility and sophistication while also taking into account the beauty and diversity of the art community.

A colorful system

Angles and line art create a sense of energy throughout the collateral and act as framing devices to lead the eye to key information. We also created a design system for Level Ground's various sub-brands using a color palette that offers each brand a sense of individuality while still being connected to the main brand.

Water and Education Change Everything

Lifewater International is a nonprofit water development organization dedicated to effectively and sustainably serving the world’s rural poor through integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. The organization, which has been around for over 35 years, came to Rule29 for a refresh of their brand, hoping to appeal to new generations and distinguish themselves as a thought and practice leader in this nonprofit space.

Helping Lifewater Refresh to Maximize Impact

With that in mind, Rule29 set out to develop a contemporary look that would demonstrate the professionalism and integrity of Lifewater, while also engaging interested audiences with powerful imagery and sleek design. The new mark is symbolic of Lifewater's signature impact program – WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). These three elements come together to form a water drop, with the internal drop representing the final component of Lifewater's work: spiritual well-being.

Raffles Insurance Ltd.
Setting a New Course

Raffles Insurance, a 30-year-old insurance company, needed a refreshed look and voice. We had the great honor of updating this brand, representing the country’s first heterogeneous captive insurance company, and building the platform for its future growth. After an extensive interview and research process, we redefined the brand essence, voice, and positioning. From there, we executed a comprehensive redesign of the logo, tagline, website, promotional materials, conference design, and recruiting tools.

From Old to New

When updating the brand, Raffles needed a mark that was simpler, more memorable, and easier to apply with apparel, print, and digital.

Blackberry Market
Make Space at the Table

We have been involved with Blackberry Market since the beginning. We recently took a look at updating their brand. We have updated their logo, gift cards, menu boards, and more.
We chose an illustrative blackberry as the heart of the new logo, and this honors the history of how the name “Blackberry” is rooted in the restaurant owner's childhood. By using the blackberry as the central identifier for the logo, it is apparent that high-quality food is the focus of Blackberry Market.

Crafted for More

The juxtaposition of bold sans serif and script typography creates a high-end yet approachable feel to perfectly complement the Blackberry persona and the goal of bringing people together through meaningful discussions.

Good Tidings Foundation

Featuring powerful typography and a customized flag that works seamlessly with the Good Tidings Foundation primary “GT” acronym or for their 25th anniversary, this logo exemplifies celebration and support which is the Good Tidings Foundation’s specialty.

The Good Tidings Foundation supports and encourages the athletic and artistic growth of children within the Northern California area.

1871 Dairy
1871 Dairy Is Bringing Dairy Back to Chicago After a Storied History.

We have been involved with 1871 Dairy from concept to execution on a number of different projects, all of which showcase the quality and heritage of this high-end dairy company. Along with the logo, we created a brand system that was extended to packaging, web, social, and environmental components.

Looking Established from the Start

When designing any brand, we explore the unique qualities needed and the market possibilities present. The 1871 logo needed to reflect the history that inspired its name while looking contemporary enough to stand out in the dairy section of your local grocery store.

Research, Sketch, Rework, Sketch Some More

With every brand we are a part of, we want to capitalize on design options that will help YOU stand out.

Playful and Expressive

This logo consists of a carrot icon alongside custom, hand-drawn typography. The latter clearly communicates FarmAbilities’ focus on kids and brings an energetic quality to the mark. It also breaks down the longer organization name into a more readable lockup. The complementary icon anchors the logotype – a carrot with two lines meant to be an “F” monogram.

The Big Idea

The stem at the top is made up of three rays. These act much like the imagery one might see above a traditional lightbulb symbol, helping the audience recognize that FarmAbilities is about big ideas and “lightbulb” moments for those they aim to help.

Batavia Public Schools
Batavia Public School District 101

The BPS101 goal was simple: create a brand that effectively communicates the excellence the district offers, while providing design expertise to help bring the entire district and school brands under the BPS101 banner.

Making of a Mascot

We interviewed students and teachers from each school in an attempt to understand the “personality” of each mascot and how to retain that in each school's mark.

Different but Cohesive

We designed a family of mascots, each with unique traits and color palette.

Positivity Project
Empowering Students to Build Strong Relationships.

The Positivity Project exists to collaborate with schools to create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” We had the privilege to help craft their new shield mark, which stands as the cornerstone of their brand story.

It’s All About Character

The leaders at The Positivity Project help empower students to build strong relationships by equipping educators with the knowledge, confidence, and resources to teach positive psychology’s 24 character strengths. The logo mark and brand needed to be clear and work off the simple plus (+) symbol that signifies that their process starts with a positive outlook.

Arthroscopy Association of North America
Advancing the Scope

The Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) exists to advance minimally invasive orthopedic surgery by providing resources and a community devoted to better surgical results for patients around the world. Rule29 developed AANA’s brand identity to professionally represent the brand, cultivate community connections, and nurture a culture of collaboration. As AANA continues to inspire the medical industry, Rule29 is honored to be their strategic brand partner.

The Neighbor Project
Home Is Where the Start Is

We had a lot of fun developing the brand look and feel for The Neighbor Project, an organization that hopes to disrupt the cycle of poverty through homeownership.

Together for Better

The mark we designed features a subtle home within the typography to convey the idea of neighbors coming together.

Better Way Farms
A Greater Purpose

Combining iconography with a playful hand-drawn style, this logo and brand embodies the heart and soul of Better Way Farms, located in Michigan. The company places a focus on family and community that come through within this mark. Avoiding stuffy and corporate culture, Better Way Farms is all about craft and giving back, both to people and the earth. Additionally, a forward arrow gives this a mark a strong sense of motion as they move forward and directs the eye from left to right.

Blazing New Paths

Overall this mark is representative of the family-owned company’s forward-thinking approach to agriculture and lifestyle.

302 Wheaton

302 Wheaton came to us as they began the branding process. We created this logo that uses a monoline design style to create a sophisticated yet casual presentation. The composition of the “302” numerals, while unique, is still nicely balanced. Relying on an oversized “3” as the anchor, the other elements rest within the lower circle and echo the geometric forms.


For this mark, “Wheaton” has been left off, as we felt that many patrons will simply refer to the establishment as “302.” The location will be featured elsewhere within the brand materials and messaging for clarification.

Village of North Aurora
Crossroads on the Fox

Situated on the Fox River, the Village of North Aurora enjoys abundant natural beauty, a thriving business sector, and amiable residents. Despite these desirable qualities, many were unfamiliar with the area and assumed it was part of a nearby city, Aurora. To fight this misconception and provide the village with a bold and unapologetic look and feel, Rule29 created an all-new logo, color palette, and tagline.

Community at Its Core

The logomark is comprised of the iconic bridge over the Fox River, a graphic depiction of the river and numerous nature paths of the village, all contained within a circle to communicate the inclusive and vibrant community of North Aurora.

Something to Celebrate

Along with the main mark, we designed logos for their River District Alliance group and annual town festival.

Illinois Wesleyan University
Needing an updated mascot

Illinois Wesleyan University was looking to update their iconic mascot, Tommy the Titan. After researching period-appropriate headgear and the rest of the conference's mascots, as well as thinking through brand extension, we developed this concept. It highlights a logo that can be broken apart for apparel and signage, as well as a custom athletic font system to be used across the various sports and club teams.

One Gym, Many Goals

PraxisFit is a group-focused, functional fitness gym. From the very beginning, PraxisFit has been passionate about helping people live healthy lifestyles and learn new fitness techniques, all with the support of a community of trainers and fellow athletes. We started with naming the gym, then concepting a tagline. The brand has since been expanded into a wide range of environments that we have had the honor of creating, including the website, social media presence, and brand identity.

In Motion

PraxisFit is about movement and progress, so we designed a logo that assumed an athletic and forward-moving posture with an elegant and customized logotype.

Constructive Chaos
Create. Cook. Party.

Constructive Chaos is an art and culinary center hoping to bring a little more fun into the lives of kids and teens. The mark illustrates the unique combination of curriculum-based classes they offer, signified by the overlap of a whisk and paintbrush.

Hitting the Mark

The brand had to appeal first to the decision-making parent and, if possible, show the elements included in the experience.