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Make the Right, Strategic Impression.

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. We’ll help you identify how to best showcase your business and appeal to your audience through your name, story, logo, identity materials, and brand guidelines.


  • Brand Story
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Name Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Identity Management
  • Brand Guidelines

In today’s image-driven, digital world, the look and feel of a company’s brand has become more and more important. Creating a world-class brand is more than just designing the right logo—it’s a comprehensive system that encompasses the whole identity of a company, who they serve, and what they offer. We don’t see it as a once-and-done project; instead we seamlessly integrate as part of your team to strategically manage your brand and all it involves.

Level Ground

Level Ground started as an organization that wanted to connect the LGBTQ community to the spiritual community by using the art of film to bridge differences. As the Level Ground organization shifted their focus to cultural equity in general, they needed their brand to reflect that. Through color and interconnectivity, we redesigned the brand to highlight that we are all on Level Ground.

Divided Image Of A Girl

A Modern Refresh

Level Ground is a collective of people, conversations, and experiences that inspire empathy and build relationships across our differences. As the Level Ground organization shifted their focus more toward cultural equality, they wanted a more inclusive logo. The goal for the new mark was to create more flexibility and sophistication while also taking into account the beauty and diversity of the art community.

Old Level Ground Logo

Old Logo

New Level Ground Logo

New Logo

Animation of the Level Ground Logo

Rule29 also created a design system for Level Ground’s various sub-brands using a color palette that offers each brand a sense of individuality while still being connected to the main brand.

Level Ground Sub brands

Detailed brand guidelines showcase the new Level Ground visual language, including an update to the brand colors, typography, and design elements as well as their evolved story and messaging. The brand was extended to its identity system, event signage, and other various print and digital collateral including an intro logo animation for the filmmaking arm of the organization.

Level Ground Brand Guidelines
Level Ground Business Cards and Paper
Level Ground Sticker Bundle
Level Ground Event Stands

Kiewit Luminarium

An Omaha-based discovery center meant to encourage and inspire today’s youth, The Kiewit Luminarium will soon become a one-stop shop for all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Luminarium will feature a range of activities and unique learning experiences to demonstrate what can be achieved through STEM-related fields.

Working and collaborating with the Luminarium team is always a great time. We designed a logo that represented their vision of creativity and innovation. With the logo established, we applied the look to imagery, signage, a website, and more.


Nebraska Bison

Nebraska Bison came to the Rule29 team with a clear objective: build a brand around their line of premium organic grass-fed meat. The founders got their start on a small farm with a desire to craft a healthy and sustainable addition to their diets, as well as that of their family and friends. We crafted their logo and extended the look to a clean and cohesive brand identity that speaks to the rugged outdoorsy nature of the brand.


Hover Camp

Hover Camp is a family-oriented travel outpost, inviting adventure-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and road warriors of all kinds to embark on an exploration of the captivating wonders located within Swan Valley, Idaho. Nestled next to the picturesque South Fork of the Snake River, Hover Camp enjoys an enviable location that appeals to anglers, boaters, and those seeking moments of relaxation with scenic vistas.


Old Logo


New Logo

CAVU International

CAVU International is a group of workplace performance optimizers. From the onset of a job, they immediately begin recognizing existing deficiencies in areas like workflow, team culture, morale, leadership, and so much more! They have a tried and true four-step process in which they begin by implementing a plan, acting on it, debriefing and following up on their initiatives for continuous and long-term sustainable improvement.

They came to us for an updated brand and website. The goal: to ensure that their capabilities and processes are outlined clearly and effectively so their prospective clients can understand the rewarding impact of working with them.


New North Makerhood

Omaha’s New North Makerhood is a creative space for makers, artists, and craftspeople of all kinds. This nonprofit has been securing space in an industrial area of town undergoing revitalization. The goal: providing rent-controlled space for artists and makers for years to come. Drawing on the wide swath of historic makers’ marks, we created a dynamic logo system that reflects many of the creative industries represented in a space like the Makerhood. It’s branding with an ever-changing, evolving utility, just like the makers it represents.

Series of blueprints with the Makerhood logo
New North Makerhood Logo
New North Makerhood Icons
New North Makerhood Stationary
New North Makerhood Mural

Good Tidings Foundation

The Good Tidings Foundation supports and encourages the athletic and artistic growth of children within the Northern California area. Featuring powerful typography and a customized flag that works seamlessly with both the Good Tidings Foundation primary “GT” acronym and their 25th anniversary, this logo exemplifies celebration and support, which is the Good Tidings Foundation’s specialty.

Girl Playing Basketball
Old Good Tidings Foundation Logo

Old Logo

New Good Tidings Foundation Logo

New Logo

Grouping of Good Tidings Foundation Sub Logos
Good Tidings Stationary
Good Tidings Tagline
Good Tidings Anniversary Book Cover


Lifewater International is a nonprofit water development organization dedicated to effectively and sustainably serving the world’s rural poor through integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene programs. The organization, which has been around for over 35 years, came to Rule29 for a refresh of their brand, hoping to appeal to new generations and distinguish themselves as a thought and practice leader in this nonprofit space.

Girls Walking with Jerry Cans

Water and Education Change Everything

With that in mind, Rule29 set out to develop a contemporary look that would demonstrate the professionalism and integrity of Lifewater, while also engaging interested audiences with powerful imagery and sleek design. The new mark is symbolic of Lifewater’s signature impact program, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene). These three elements come together to form a water drop, with the internal drop representing the final component of Lifewater’s work: spiritual well-being.

Old Lifewater Logo

Old Logo

New Lifewater Logo

New Logo

Lifewater Annual Report
Woman Getting Water
Lifewater Thank You Card
Lifewater Stationary

Batavia Public Schools District 101

Our goal for BPS101 was simple: create a brand that effectively communicates the excellence the district offers, while providing design expertise to help bring the entire district and school brands under the BPS101 banner. We interviewed students and teachers from each school in an attempt to understand the “personality” of each mascot and how to retain that in each school’s mark. We designed a family of mascots, each with unique traits and color palette.

Batavia Public Schools Business Cards
Old Batavia Public Schools logo

Old Logo

New Batavia Public Schools Logo

New Logo

Batavia Public Schools Logos
Batavia Public School Shirt Logos

302 Wheaton

As a destination for family and friends to share a great meal and craft beer, 302 Wheaton was created for the local community. Rule29 developed 302’s logo to help launch the restaurant and promote it around town. Using a monoline design style and a balanced composition, the numeral logo presents an elevated yet relaxed brand look.

302 Wheaton Packaging
302 Wheaton Packaging
302 Wheaton Signage
302 Wheaton Coasters

The 302 Wheaton skyline design pulled outlines of well-known buildings in the Wheaton area to connect the brand with its hometown. Using the similar sophisticated yet approachable line work found in the logo, the skyline look has been applied to everything from T-shirts to growlers and wall art, thus providing a seamless brand experience.

302 Wheaton Illustration


Raffles Insurance, a 30-year-old insurance company, needed a refreshed look and voice. We had the great honor of updating this brand, representing the country’s first heterogeneous captive insurance company, and building the platform for its future growth. After an extensive interview and research process, we redefined the brand essence, voice, and positioning. From there, we executed a comprehensive redesign of the logo, tagline, website, promotional materials, conference design, and recruiting tools.

Raffles Intro

Old Raffles Insurance Logo

Old Logo

New Raffles Insurance Logo

New Logo

Raffles Flag
Raffles Tagline
Raffles Logo
Raffles Mockups


CloudSense is the leading commerce enablement platform for the world’s most demanding industries. Rule29 developed a variety of identities for CloudSense to position the company as an innovative, modern brand in the tech space. The new brand incorporates graphic elements, sophisticated line work, and a diversity of people to evoke a sense of trust, dependability, and maturity. Overlapping concentric circles create a dynamic pattern that represents CloudSense’s seamless service experience throughout the customer journey.

Cloud Sense Intro
Old CloudSense Logo

Old Logo

New CloudSense Logo

New Logo

Cloud Sense Letterhead
Cloud Sense Website
Cloud Sense Business Cards
Cloud Sense Icon


ShutterSecure Cannabis needed a brand that would really stand out in such a rapidly growing industry. We visited the 2019 MJBiz conference with them to get a firsthand look at the space and talk to their ideal customers. We learned ShutterSecure needed to demonstrate a level of authority and stability in the evolving cannabis industry. Their logo visually demonstrates what ShutterSecure Cannabis has to offer processors and growers, combined with a blue color palette to grab attention and command authority.

Shutter Secure Logo

Old Logo

ShutterSecure Cannabis Logo

New Logo

In the initial stages of logo creation, Rule29 showed ShutterSecure Cannabis a wide range of logo iterations to communicate the service ShutterSecure Cannabis provides, with varying styles of cannabis representation.

Shutter Secure Logo Comps
Shutter Secure Business Cards
Shutter Secure Truck
Shutter Secure Polo

We extended the brand through various sales collateral such as a sales brochure and a sell sheet. These pieces were created to emphasize and reinforce the peace of mind businesses receive when they protect their buildings with ShutterSecure Cannabis. We also redesigned and developed their web presence – check that out here.

Shutter Secure Print Collateral

Various Brand Marks

From startups to global brands, our research and processes delve into finding your brand’s focus and help guides us to create logos that are the building blocks of a successful brand—one that not only delivers on its promises but also live its values.

Miscellaneous Logos
Wool and Company Logo
Bric Logo
Thomas Interiors Logo
Sunday Strong Logo
Well Balance Logo
Horizon at Miramar Logo
Village of North Aurora Logo
1871 Dairy Logo
Wonderkind Studios Logo
Next Day Plus Logo
Better Way Farms Logo