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Dealer success drives everything at CDK Global

CDK Global provides integrated technology solutions to over 28,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational, and heavy equipment dealers around the world. With more than 40 years in the industry, CDK Global is committed to listening to dealers and understands their unique challenges, distinctions, and opportunities.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Digital & Social
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Crafting a New Story

CDK Global approached us with the realization that they needed a new, clear brand voice in light of the shifting industry landscape. We recommended a refreshed brand story and voice in order to reposition the brand in light of customer feedback and the major shifts in the automotive commerce industry. All subsequent creative emerged from this positioning.

From capturing potential customers’ initial attention to the final moment of decision-making, we worked with CDK Global to share their brand ethos with the world.

We shifted CDK’s position from being the “hero” to being the “guide" to humanize their story and create an emotional connection with their customers. This fostered a positive, efficient, and memorable purchase experience for CDK’s customers.

Through this, we pointed CDK toward a belief that they are the “best in the world” at creating solutions that will transition the auto industry to the next chapter. This foundation laid the groundwork for the brand need, essence, drive, charge, story, and promise for both internal and external teams. This also greatly influenced CDK's tagline, brand voice, and marketing concepts that would propel CDK forward.

Video Concepting & Execution

With the brand positioning and story established, concepts were developed to describe “What is CDK?” and “Why CDK?”. We produced a spot entitled "The Dealer Who Never Quits" to capture the emotional voice and tone for the brand and indirectly answer the “Why?” question.

In addition, we developed a uniquely stylized motion graphics video that elevated the brand look and focused on the various aspects of "Who and What Is CDK?".

Both videos focused on high-level concepting and emotional connection to build brand awareness. By leading the viewer on the “what” journey (OneCDK’s seamless solutions that ultimately bring a customer to ownership), we were able to explore the more personal elements of the brand. Telling a relatable story plays a big part in ultimately winning customers. The videos ultimately evolve from examining the more practical elements of OneCDK to showing how OneCDK is transforming the car buying experience and promoting dealer success.

Event Branding

Rule29 teased out the brand reveal with a high-end invitation to the launch event called “Aria Interactive.” We designed and produced a “larger-than-usual” invitation (a box) to capture the attention of the attendees and invite them to the Las Vegas event where a new era in automotive commerce would be unveiled. We also produced a comprehensive motion-graphics video for the event that clearly articulated the new brand.

Envisioning the Future

We started with a master “explainer” video that took a high-level concept and simplified it in order to demonstrate the platform’s purpose and possibilities. We used a motion graphics and animation style that helped establish Fortellis' brand look. The video covered everything from account registration to the exploration, construction, and deployment of APIs on a developer network.

Relatable Storytelling

To effectively communicate a new era of streamlined workflows and flexible data streams, we developed an infographic that systematically reflects the next chapter in automotive commerce. Through this graphic illustration, we were able to explain how Fortellis enables connections between the Marketplace and the Developers Network, which allows dealers, OEMs, and suppliers to enjoy a new level of efficiency with solutions that meet their needs.

Print Promotion

As the world’s first and only open-exchange platform, we recommended targeting the Fortellis' core audience through a variety of mediums, including print. We created a brochure that introduced the Automotive Commerce Exchange™ platform through iconography, photography, and core messaging. Providing a comprehensive overview of all of the Fortellis' services in a digestible format effectively invited the world’s innovators and visionaries to create future-shaping automotive products.