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Centuri Construction Group

Connecting People to Power

Centuri is a strategic infrastructure services company that partners with regulated utilities to help build and maintain the energy network that powers millions of homes and businesses across the United States and Canada. Rule29 worked in collaboration with Centuri to manage their brands, main website, and sub-brand sites to be consistent and work together.

The Challenge

Centuri was looking to refresh its main brand while also giving its companies an updated look. They came to Rule29 looking to refresh their website to appeal to their audiences while sharing the services that Centuri and its companies offer. Managing ten brands and websites is not an easy feat so Centuri needed a website system that was going to be user-friendly and simple to update while looking great.

The Solution

Rule29 created a multi-site system for Centuri which uses the same foundation and features but was able to be customized to offer a unique experience for each website. Centuri content managers are able to make updates to all the websites under one login, keeping things simple and consistent.


Sites, Sites… and More Sites

A total of 10 if we’re getting specific. As a leader in utility infrastructure services, Centuri’s website needed to look the part. Rule29 designed and developed a multi-site theme for them to connect all of their brands under the Centuri umbrella. Each was designed and developed to be easily maintained and updated while refreshing the look. 

Websites created

Countries represented


Employees brought together

Considering Impact

Both internally and externally, Centuri is committed to building better. They provide resources that encourage employees, suppliers, and communities to have thoughtful conversations, establish stronger partnerships, inspire brighter futures, and create more opportunities. We established the Building Better brand to touch each persona and reach their goals.


Sustainability Report

Committed to sustainability goals, Centuri came to us to publish their Sustainability Report which we designed and coordinated printing for—environmentally friendly, of course.