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Brand Strategy and Development

Cuebiq is a consumer insights and measurement company that helps brands understand customer compatibility by providing tools to map and measure their consumers’ journey.

Capabilities Used

Web Design & Development
Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Mobile Apps
Meet Clara

Location intelligence platforms often feel overwhelming in practice, so Cuebiq turned to Rule29 to tell their story in a way that makes their message clear and accessible. To introduce their location intelligence database, we wanted to create a brand that was refined while merging seamlessly with the current Cuebiq branding. Our research showed that in a tech-centered ecosystem, it would be important to incorporate elements that were friendly and approachable yet modern and sophisticated in implementation.

Brand Guidelines

Getting in on the ground floor of the Clara branding gave us to the opportunity to explore color variations and palettes. The amount of data charts and graphs required a wide variety of secondary and tertiary color palettes. To ensure they were on brand, we created nearly 17 different color sets.

Christian Kunkel, Senior Director, Brand Marketing

Working with Rule29 is refreshing—they’re transparent and easy to work with. The marketing and branding services helped unify the new product with the established business. Updates to the site contributed to an increase in online engagement and customer interest. The team at Rule29 has shown dedication to producing quality work that surpasses expectations.

Interactive Website

When it came to redesigning their homepage, we knew we wanted to emphasize Cuebiq’s data-driven platform by using eye-catching callouts and interactivity. As the user moves down the page, illustrations animate in alongside explanatory text to provide the full picture of their product. The movement was designed to create an experience that is both informative and entertaining to retain engagement of readers.

To tell the story of the Cuebiq platform, we created a variety of key webpages that allow users to experience the platform on a condensed level. The user can toggle between different audience types to gain a better understanding of how Cuebiq aggregates their data all in one location.

These correlating icons were created to be used online and beyond for added brand consistency.

The Cuebiq web pages were created to work effortlessly on both mobile and desktop platforms to appeal to a broad range of users.


Well-written content is always important, but there is real power in sharing information visually for viewers to work through, share, and consume. For example, in a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers discovered that online users can view and connect with images in as little as 13 milliseconds. When you need to convey a complicated concept, technical data, or a large amount of information, using well-crafted infographic images to do so is a smart choice. We worked with Cuebiq on this infographic that was specifically persona driven to help maximize their impact in the auto enterprise market.

Cuebiq helps advertisers recognize ad spend based on a variety of different data points, one of those data points are verified through seasonal messaging. This Mother's Day-themed infographic balances a data-driven, analytical aesthetic with more traditional imagery. The header, for example, illustrates a city/footfall grid with several semitransparent, overlapping circles. These circles, though, form an abstract representation of a heart further emphasizing the messaging of this seasonal campaign. This subtle unification of thematic and graphic elements are applied throughout, whether that be in the gift and sibling/mother iconography or the heart-shaped center of the main Mother’s Day total spending graphic. The color palette also establishes a warmer, Mother’s Day look and feel while still maintaining a professional, metric-driven approach that advertisers are familiar with.

Resource Center

The Cuebiq team creates a lot of compelling thought leadership and white paper items to continue to educate the public on their product, but these were spread out throughout their site and not easy to find. We created one centralized location to house all Cuebiq stories, with a built-in RSS feed of related media sources to provide a highly functional Resource Center with rapidly changing content. The Cuebiq team can update content when necessary, providing a consistent element of change on the site for repeat visitors.