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Digital and Social Media

We Speak Clicks, Targeting, Frequency, and Impressions.

When it comes to digital and social media planning, the goal is frequency, not redundancy. A strategic media mix ensures that your campaign is seen enough times by the right people on the right platforms at the right time.


  • Social and Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Platforms
  • Content Creation
  • HTML Emails
  • Digital Presentations

In this constantly evolving digital landscape, we can support you with research, strategy, writing, engaging visuals, content calendars, implementation, and tracking as part of helping grow your brand and business.

Paper Tube Co.

The Paper Tube Co. have struck the perfect balance between form and function. First impressions matter, and they get that. Supplying a wide range of packaging solutions in all different shapes and sizes is their specialty. Clients can select from a number of different color and design presets, or even go full custom with their brand colors and logo to make that first unboxing impression something to remember.

When developing a social media strategy for The Paper Tube Co. to implement, the Rule29 team really leaned into showcasing the product and letting it speak for itself. The customizable designs are eye catching, and leave the door open for a multitude of creative ways to highlight what an elevated packaging experience can be. We also incorporated video elements to make the visual representation of the products more dynamic and engaging than simple still imagery.



When it comes to cleaning technology, the tools you use may be the last thing you think about. That’s why we worked with O-Cedar, a national cleaning product retailer, to develop social media, Amazon pages, landing pages, and digital campaigns to tell the story of how their cleaning products can make your home feel like, well, home. The imagery and messaging centered around families and individuals enjoying that clean feeling.

O-Cedar cleaning products
O-Cedar Amazon page
O-Cedar Social images

Amazon store pages are one of the best opportunities to educate customers about your company’s values and products. Rule29 partnered with O-Cedar to update their ProMist MAX Microfiber Mop brand page and highlight the benefits of this leading product. Now, consumers are able to read the quick clean features, see the mop in action, and review related products all in one place. This effort was also in coordination with social posts that continued to highlight the benefits of the ProMist Max product.

O-Cedar Social Ad
O-Cedar Social Ad
O-Cedar Social Ad

Strategically created landing pages strengthen brands, increase SEO, and drive consumers to purchase. In O-Cedar’s case, Rule29 refreshed some of the most frequently visited landing pages to align with the recently updated brand. With custom photos, engaging content, and clear calls to action, these pages communicate O-Cedar’s brand promise, build customer loyalty, and expedite the path to purchase.

O-Cedar Mobile and Desktop Website


McDonald’s is way more than a good burger and fry. They have wonderful campaigns and initiatives they run but needed some support when it came to sharing them on social media. With such a well-known brand, we were eager to help.

We began by creating visual graphics and animations to represent their product line, and seamlessly integrated them within the overall message for their important campaigns, reports, and projects. Needless to say, McDonald’s and their customers are lovin’ it!

Mcdonalds Treats Illustration
mockup of three mobile screens displaying different McDonald's instagram posts
McDonald's social post with loop, two cups for eyes and a yellow smile making a happy face
McDonald's social post with loop, two coffee cups and text reading "reusing > recycling"
McDonald's store illustration with the sun and solar panels with text reading "Our brightest idea yet"
RMCDH-a dad holding his toddler son who is wearing glasses with yellow moving lines around their heads

UNICEF Won't Stop

UNICEF USA works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence. They never give up, no matter what. Rule29 has had the privilege of working with them on many of their big events, such as their first virtual event and over 30 other events around the country with their local and national committees, featuring some of the biggest celebrities in the country. These events help educate, raise awareness, build connections, and raise funds needed to make the impact to save the lives of children around the world.

Group of Children with Bags

We were committed to making sure UNICEF USA continued to make an impact, pandemic or not. As a result, we collaborated with the UNICEF USA team to put on a one-night-only virtual event that was unlike any other. Rule29 helped UNICEF USA build excitement for the event through a variety of messaging, digital, social assets, and online announcements designed to encourage attendance and donations.

UNICEF Phone Instagram mockup
UNICEF Social Posts


Battery Tender® by Deltran is the trusted provider for car enthusiasts, powersport experts, and even Mazda drivers. They came to Rule29 to elevate their online presence through social media, digital advertising, and HTML campaigns. For their campaigns, we created unique ads targeting their B2B and B2C audiences.

Four Wheeler Driving

For their campaigns, we extended the refocused brand to videos, unique ads, and digital content based on their B2B and B2C audiences. We also developed monthly calendars and the assets needed for their social media posts. Our goal was to give them a bigger and more targeted presence across social media platforms that would strategically attract new customers and generate more sales.

Deltran Ad Mockup
Deltran Amazon Page

Since beginning with Rule29, the Deltran team has seen increased conversions week over week by 17% and site visitors by 15%.

Man Looking at Deltran Social Post

American Marketing Association

For over 80 years, the American Marketing Association has been providing marketers with the tools and the community they need to be successful. AMA came to us to help tell their story and present their offerings to the modern-day marketer. We worked with their team on a variety of initiatives to inspire engagement and attendance through social media extension.

Woman sitting and listening

AMA wanted to launch their new programs with a brand that could be extended to a variety of different pieces with an illustration-led design and a photography-based direction. Both were created to emphasize the growth marketers will receive in their careers by becoming a Professional Certified Marketer®.

Set of AMA Ads
AMA Icons

We created the AMA Icon Library to be flexible as similar ideas can be portrayed using a variety of different icons. This keeps their look fresh yet focused and expands the options in any digital and social applications.

AMA Icons

Better Way Farms

Better Way Farms is a family-owned blueberry farm that uses organic regenerative farming methods. They believe in focusing on plant health by balancing the minerals in the soil, activating the biology in the soil (microbes), and restoring the soil by increasing the organic matter. By doing so, they can grow the best berries possible. They produce USDA Organic Certified Transitional blueberries, cold-pressed blueberry juice, and more. We worked with their team to develop bright, organic, and clean social media assets to reflect the brand’s personality and create excitement for its products.

Closeup Shot of Blueberries
Better Way Farms Animated Ads

Since GIFs typically receive 20% more engagement from users, we built several for Better Way to use along with static templates. Find Better Way products in your local markets year-round!

Better Way Farms Blueberry Illustration
Man Working on Farm
Better Way Farms Bluetiful Social Post


Nasoni’s fountain faucets are healthier and greener than anything on the market, offering customers a better way to live every day. We developed a social media strategy and series of posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote Nasoni to predefined personas. Specified targeting increased online feedback and purchases, both of which continue to grow.

Nasoni lifestyle image
2 Nasoni faucets

To support its web presence, we developed a social media strategy and series of posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote Nasoni to predefined personas. Specified targeting increased online feedback and purchases, both of which continue to grow.

Nasoni Filter Designs Social Posts
Nasoni Social Post
Nasoni Social Post

In addition to developing Nasoni’s Shopify website, we created their Amazon store page to expedite the path to purchase. To showcase the faucet in use, we featured a video at the top, followed by links to purchase. Displaying the features of the product along with key selling points increases the likelihood of increased sales and brand awareness.

Nasoni's amazon page on a desktop computer