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Image of woman sitting at desk in Elea chair Elea Chair Header Mobile Image
Fellowes Elea

Design in Motion

Rule29 has partnered with Fellowes Brands over the years on a variety of projects, so we were honored when they enlisted our services to establish and launch a new brand that redefined the ergonomic furniture industry: Elea by Fellowes Studio. This high-end, innovative, and beautifully designed office chair redefines sitting by seamlessly moving with your body. And with so many of us now working from home, this is a chair whose time has come.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand, Logo, and Identity
  • Print and Annual Reports
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Video and Animation
  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Events and Promotion
  • Environments and Signage

The Challenge

Brand development begins long before the creative design ever starts. We knew that we wanted the creative to be the visual representation of the Elea brand itself, not the other way around. We needed to capture the feeling of Elea and showcase the beauty of the product within the modern workspace.

Man and Woman Collaborating in Elea Chair
Elea Chair in an Office
Man and Woman Collaborating in Elea Chairs


We focused our research on what differentiated Elea from other high-end office chairs, and we discovered that Elea was made to move in every space, thus allowing people to sit comfortably, move naturally, and be well. Every line and curve have been designed to be both aesthetically distinctive and appealing. Crafted with premium fabric and materials, Elea is an invitation to feel better while working.

Our research revealed that today’s consumers are redefining the concept of sophistication. They want to be comfortable and casual without being cheap. And more than anything they want thoughtful and beautiful design in the products they purchase.


We started with the Elea logo. We used smooth curvilinear forms and energetic letterforms. We positioned a mark with a strong upward motion above the “e” to illustrate the fluidity and range of motion the chair’s design offers.

Fellowes Elea Logo Header

We then captured the “feeling” of the brand with photography and short videos, visually telling the story of how Elea fits beautifully within the modern workspace. We developed the Elea brand to show how it’s redefining sophistication within the office space, whether that’s in a corporate office building or the comfort of one’s own home.

We visualized Elea’s features in multiple Elea and complimentary Fellowes product videos to captivate the attention of B2B and B2C customers alike. Capturing Elea in action allows customers to see how the chair fights stagnation, provides comfort, and provides micro-movements to keep people energized all day long.

Working with Fellowes’s internal development team we helped apply the new brand feel to the UX/UI development of the product website. This included helping to explore ways to highlight what made this chair design like no other.

“The Rule29 team consistently brings fresh, new ideas to the table. They are very good at designing innovative solutions. We have been overwhelmingly impressed with all the campaigns and creative Rule29 has run with us. They consistently surpass targets, and we have seen an increase in sales because of both their creative solutions and campaign development.”

Todd Roos Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Fellowes

Elea Chair Design Diagram
Elea Chair Design Diagram

We extended the brand into a variety of print materials, including a brochure, cut-sheet, direct mail piece, print advertising, various store banners, and quick-start booklet. Elea’s neutral palette and spa-like tones create a warm, inviting sensibility, reflecting the comforting experience of sitting in an Elea chair. We also created a pop-up banner to display at conferences and corporate meetings. Due to the portability of the frame, traveling was convenient and affordable.

First Chair of its Kind

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