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Environments and Signage

A Reflection of Your Brand.

Extending your brand into any environment requires vision and understanding. Exterior and interior signage design and placement, floor color palettes, even your conference room window treatments can be a reflection of your unique brand. We love making sure your environment and your brand are in harmony.


  • Trade Show Booths
  • Pop-up Banners
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Space Planning
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Wayfinding
  • Exhibit Design

We believe that in every “space,” your brand can make an impression on your internal team, partners, and of course, your customers. We have experience rethinking that environment and how one feels as they walk through, touch, hear, or see your brand all around them. From creating a gallery space in your company that celebrates your brand, values, or history to thinking through how your restaurant “tastes” before anyone takes a bite . . . we are ready to make creative matter for you.

O'Neil Printing

O’Neil Printing moved into a larger location and increased its printing capabilities. Together, Rule29 and O’Neil envisioned the space as a focal point for design inspiration, and got straight to work on their blank canvas of messaging opportunity. Rule29 didn’t stop there however, and went on to give their company vehicles a custom wrap design sure to leave a lasting imPRESSion.

Closeup of ONeil Car Wrap

Leaving a Bright Impression

The logomark sitting directly above the main desk instantly sets the mood with a backlit acrylic picture that resonates with the pattern behind it.

ONeil Lobby Logo Sign
ONeil Lobby Closeup
ONeil Womans Bathroom Signage

Branding Inside and Out

With such a dynamic color palette and large manufacturing space to work with, we focused on keywords of value, high-traffic spaces, and mobile opportunities to brand, message, and promote O’Neil’s offerings and their desire to help their clients’ brands make new impressions.

ONeil Window Pattern
ONeil Visitor Parking

Mula Mexican Kitchen & Tequileria

Michael Sanchez recognized the imperative for his restaurant to have standout branding, both as an identifiable logo and an interior aesthetic. Mula’s branding needed to reflect the street-food feel, and it needed to capture the double meaning of the restaurant’s name—Mula being the Spanish word for “mule” and a play on the slang term for money (“moolah”).

Dining Area Shot
Mula Exterior Signage
Mula Logo
Mula Canvas Wall

Mula’s logo is hand-stamped every time, and the font changes as often as possible. We carried the theme through the menus and into the exterior and interior design of the space—signage, color palette selections, two huge murals, framed wall art, and custom wallpaper for the restrooms featuring vintage Mexican currency.

Mula Business Card

Mula branded currency

Mula branded currency

Mula Menu Designs

The menu design(s)

The menu design(s)

Captive Resources

Captive Resources provides businesses with the opportunity to control their insurance costs through the creation and oversight of member-owned group captive insurance companies. CRI moved into a new building and asked R29 to help extend their brand into their new environment, both external and internal.

Room with Rows of Desks
Captive Resources Lobby Closeup

From floor color palettes to exterior directional signage design and placement to lobby signage, interior wayfinding, and conference room window treatments, R29 literally helped CRI design their environment from the ground up. In the main reception area (shown here), a dimensional logo is surrounded by string art for added movement and texture.

Closeup of Captive Resources Signage
Captive Resources Parking Signage

Blackstone District

Looking to the Blackstone Hotel for inspiration, we branded our own midtown Omaha neighborhood, whose mission is to recreate and nurture a district that is lively, pedestrian-friendly, and provides a unique cultural experience for businesses, residents, and all members of the community.

Closeup of Blackstone District Mural

Mapping it out

Now the Blackstone District is one of Omaha’s most dynamic neighborhoods, attracting hundreds of visitors and patrons every week.

Blackstone District Walking Map
Blackstone District Poster
Blackstone District Pole Signage


At O’Neil, big is beautiful. When the company planned to unroll their wide-format printing capabilities, they asked Rule29 to figure out a bigger and better way of helping potential customers see the range of what was possible. With a new building totally at our disposal, we decided to craft an immersive experience that walked clients through a variety of wide-format options, without feeling “sales-y” or dry.

Closeup of Farmstead Signage

The result was “Farmstead in the Valley,” a fake restaurant that helped us tell the story of O’Neil’s capabilities and served as the unifying theme for the experience. With a fresh logo, iconography, environmental graphics, and collateral (tote bags, handout cards, coasters), we used this “restaurant” to help clients see the possibilities available to them when they choose O’Neil for their wide-format printing needs.

Farmstead Menu

Beautiful Sensory Experience

The showroom seeks to not only display the wide-format capabilities of O’Neil but take guests through a wholesome, rich process of creating a farm-to-table experience. The photographic-style seeks to bring the small treasures of food and nature to larger-than-life scale.

Wheels4Water Gallery Shows

In the various gallery shows that featured the work and impact through Wheels4Water, a national cycling event that invited people to participate in the fight against the world water crisis, each year we expanded the impact and educational opportunities. We focused on highlighting a sampling of the work and messaging created in the cause and designed for each unique gallery space, which included Notre Dame, trade shows, and other gallery spaces around the country.

Wheels 4 Water Wall Signage Shot

Walking Through the Journey

Each section was broken down to show the collective pieces used to tell the story. The larger graphics outside the gallery caught the attention of the viewers and brought them into the show. In the center of the show, attendees could pick up and carry full jerry cans to get a sense of the “weight” and reality of fetching water daily. The goal of the gallery’s theme was for viewers to walk away with an understanding of how they could make an impact and gain a new perspective on the need for clean water.

Wheels 4 Water Wall Signage
Wheels 4 Water Poster Wall
Wheels 4 Water Photo Signage
Wheels 4 Water Jerseys

Village of North Aurora

The Village of North Aurora faced a unique challenge. Despite its abundant natural beauty and thriving business, many people assumed that it was just the northern part of a nearby city, Aurora. In order to fight this misconception, the city approached Rule29 about creating a refreshed, bold, and timeless look.

A Community of Brand Experience

After much concepting and revising with the board of the city, we arrived at a new logo, color palette, and tagline. We brought together all the essential elements: the iconic bridge over Fox River, a graphic depiction of the river, and numerous nature paths to create a one-of-a-kind logo. Following the creation of a Village of North Aurora logo, Rule29 extended the look and feel to community events and signage.

Blackberry Market

Blackberry Market gave us the opportunity to help craft the brand experience from the ground up and as they continue to grow. People buy with their eyes, and we wanted everything about the Blackberry Market experience to be thoughtfully and deliciously presented. We also wanted the brand to feel established right from the beginning.

1st Location Glen Ellyn

We partnered with Blackberry’s interior design partner, Two Hands Interiors, to decide how to bring both warmth and a casual, playful atmosphere to the market itself. We talked extensively to the Blackberry Market team, and we used the quote “The table is the place where you connect and belong” to inspire the approach our team would take to create an inviting brand experience.

“While we understand how to present food, we leaned on Rule29 to help us present anything the brand needed to lead and influence like the environment, packaging, and more.”

Bob Davidson Owner

For the second location in historic La Grange, Illinois, we researched ways the brand could influence and support the open concept interior with its abundance of natural light and exposed brick. We wanted to make sure the brand could continue to expand as new offerings were unveiled and future locations were developed.


By providing unified solutions for IT and beyond, Fruition Partners enables customers of all industry verticals to overcome their most pressing IT needs. When they brought best-in-class services together under one roof and were going to unveil it at the industry’s biggest conference, Rule29 was there to help. From creating preshow materials, booth, and airport and transit signage, we made sure Fruition’s messaging and the brand was consistent throughout the conference experience.

Fruition logo on flag on illustrated graphic
Assortment of Fruition pins floating above ground
Fruition polo shirt against green gradient background
Fruition Magazine Ad

Elevating the Message

With the ads and messaging showcased everywhere at the event, the booth was well-positioned to draw customers in and help the team get right into sharing their updated offerings.