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Events and Promotion

Seeing is Believing.

Experience is a powerful way to learn and build connections. Give customers a glimpse into who your company is with event marketing and activations.


  • Event Marketing
  • Print and Digital Invitations
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Sales Decks
  • Launch Campaigns
  • Event Merchandise

Extending your brand into any event, promotion, and environment requires understanding and vision. We are ready to design your branded event and whatever is needed to go with that from popup banners and videos and wayfinding to the full trade show, gallery show, or museum show experience. Whatever the venue, we can help you think through your event space or desired customer experience.

O'Neil Printing

Our partners at O’Neil mean business when it comes to their print pieces. Just one look at anything they create and it becomes clear to see that ink really does run through their veins. Much like us, you can see how much heart and passion they put into their work, striving to offer the highest tier customer/client experience time and time again.

When they reached out to us to develop brand materials for their open house event, we were more than happy to oblige! Some of the collateral we developed consisted of event invites, banners, candles and a number of decorative decals. We also captured some digital photo coverage of some of the most memorable moments pictured here!


Nebraska Loves Public Schools

Nebraska Loves Public Schools is an organization dedicated to supporting public education one documentary film at a time—inviting visitors to explore the films, find inspiration in the stories, share what they see, and discover how to take action. To help spread the word about the great things going on every day in Nebraska’s public schools, NElovesPS launched a statewide awareness campaign across a variety of media.

Children in a classroom
Nebraska Loves Public Schools Stickers
Nebraska Loves Public Schools Logo
Nebraska Loves Public Schools Poster

Nebraska Loves Public Schools gains 11 million impressions per month with their “I love public schools” campaign.

We designed pieces for TV, radio, outdoor billboards, and the infamous t-shirts that started the movement. We centered the campaign on a straightforward message that nearly everyone can identify with.


UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence. They never give up, no matter the global state. With the challenges of COVID-19, it was harder for UNICEF and many other nonprofits to lift up those that need it most.



Rule29 worked with their team to build excitement for the event through a variety of messaging, digital, and social assets and announcements to encourage attendance and donations.


Impactful Collaboration

A result of our collaboration with the UNICEF team and their network was to put on a one night only virtual event unlike any other.

UNICEF Virtual event Designs

> K

Raised on the First Virtual Event

Countries Supported


Viewers Worldwide

UNICEF Pitch Deck Designs

AfterImage Film Festival

An afterimage is a type of optical illusion in which an image continues to appear briefly even after exposure to the actual image has ended. The AfterImage Film Festival was founded to bring brilliant storytelling to the Chicagoland and suburban area for just this reason—to open up thoughts and minds by exposing them to movies with impact. This annual celebration of independent film needed a brand to stand out and build upon that was not only memorable but worthy of presenting critically acclaimed films to passionate audiences with the vision of becoming a premier Midwest film festival.

After Image Movie Shot
AfterImage Logo Animation

See More

From the name, films selected, and branded items like the show posters the design are created to push the idea of viewers “SEEING MORE” as different elements are revealed as you interact with them from different distances and mediums.

After Image Lanyard

The brand was extended to a variety of staffing items, such as lanyards for the festival volunteers.

The brand was extended to a variety of staffing items, such as lanyards for the festival volunteers.

After Image Event Card

Community posters, cards, and handouts are used to attract local audiences.

Community posters, cards, and handouts are used to attract local audiences.


In 2007, a few members of the Rule29 team traveled to Ethiopia with one of our nonprofit clients who was helping impoverished communities get sustainable access to basic living resources such as water and sanitation. We wanted to get a firsthand experience of how this client was making an impact in one of the most marginalized places in the world. We soon discovered, however, that it made an impact on us as well. When we came home, we started to imagine how we, a branding firm, could use our abilities, network, and interests to fight the global water crisis in tangible, lasting ways.

W4W Group Ride Shot
W4W Water Pump
Justin speaking at fundraising event
W4W Colorado Ride

Making an Impact

The answer for us was to create, at the time, a one-time event called Wheels4Water that would hopefully raise $40,000 for a community in need in Uganda. Since 2014, Wheels4Water has fought against the global water crisis using only bicycles, a passionate community, our storytelling approach, and our heart for doing good. This has taken us on seven different riding events, speaking around the world, to the White House, and creating events for a party of five to 5,000. To date, we have raised more than $950,000—helping more than 18,500 people receive safe water, sanitation, and hygiene training!

The flexible event brand system applied to so many items, such as the event website that could be customized and adjusted to reflect each year’s story, goal, and theme yet still maintain a visually aligned look from year to year. Other examples include our fundraising posters and jerseys, which were custom designed for the ride and for key sponsors.

Woman Getting Water

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water

Person Washing Hands With Clean Water

2.5 billion people lack adequate water sanitation

2.5 billion people lack adequate water sanitation

ETF Exchange

ETF Exchange is a new large-scale experience that’s one of the most important annual gatherings for the advisor and ETF industry. Featuring immersive experiences for advisors and industry participants alike, Exchange produces high quality content that will drive the industry forward. Rule29 created conference banners, a new website, and attendee swag to visually demonstrate Exchange’s commitment to learning and connection.

Man and woman discussing financials in front of gradient background

A Tangible Experience

From name badges to sell sheets, event materials are one of the best ways to promote a brand.

Guy wearing polo with ETF Exchange logo on front chest
ETF Exchange white logo on subtle dimensional background
ETF Exchange printed one pager next to an event conference lanyard
Large banner mounted to exterior building

Digital Insights & Solutions

The new ETF Exchange website blends conference details with creative prompts to motivate their audience to attend.

ETF Exchange website mocked up on iPad, iPhone, and Macbook

Maha Music Festival

Maha’s goal was to become a must-attend annual event, not just a lineup of bands. They knew they needed an exciting and comprehensive new identity.

We aimed to evoke the lore of the Maha tribe while also capturing the festival’s key elements: pride, place, and independence. We found the perfect solution in the great Maha Chief Blackbird. Rule29 developed a modern symbol for the chief that hints at the visual style of the Plains Indians but is still pure rock ’n’ roll.


Maha Music Festival Closeup Design
Crowd at Music Festival
Large Crowd at Music Festival

With new tattoo-worthy branding, attendance at Maha more than doubled. Maha’s goal was to become a must-attend annual event, not just a lineup of bands. From body tattoos to posters and promotional designs, we helped Maha take it to the next level.

Maha Music Festival Tattoos


By providing unified solutions for IT and beyond, Fruition Partners enables customers of all industry verticals to overcome their most pressing IT needs. When they brought best-in-class services together under one roof and were going to unveil it at the industry’s biggest conference, Rule29 was there to help. From creating preshow materials, booth, and airport and transit signage, we made sure Fruition’s messaging and the brand was consistent throughout the conference experience.

Fruition logo on flag on illustrated graphic
Assortment of Fruition pins floating above ground
Fruition polo shirt against green gradient background
Fruition Magazine Ad

Elevating the Message

With the ads and messaging showcased everywhere at the event, the booth was well-positioned to draw customers in and help the team get right into sharing their updated offerings.

Level Ground

Level Ground started as an organization that wanted to connect the LGBTQ community to the spiritual community by using the art of film to bridge differences. As the Level Ground organization shifted their focus to cultural equity in general, they needed a brand to reflect that. Through color and interconnectivity, the brand was designed to highlight that we are all on Level Ground.

Divided Image Of A Girl
Level Ground Sticker Bundle
Level Ground Tote
Level Ground Event Stands

Level Ground hosts many events and needed collateral to stand out no matter where the location may be. In areas of high traffic, like Los Angeles where Level Ground is located, flyers and handout cards are great ways to spread the word about upcoming events.


East/West University came to Rule29 to develop a campaign brand to help them reach out to prospective students in Chicago. The campaign became known as Be the One: to connect with young people on a multitude of levels. First, many of East/West’s student body are the first in their families to attend (and graduate from) college. Additionally, East/West empowers these students to reach unseen levels of potential.

Girl Smiling
East West Magazine Ad
East West Banner Stand
East West Brochure

Throughout the City

The campaign consisted of a multifaceted approach, covering print, transit, web, brochures, television, and more. The campaign branding has grown and matured to represent the college as a whole and continues to represent the school’s focus on students. We targeted key Chicago transit lines and created messaging that focused on where East/West’s potential students would be commuting from.


Video using B-roll and motion graphics allowed us to tell the East-West University story in a way that was emotive and memorable for social media platforms and advertisements.

East West Video Screengrab