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Design in Motion

We have partnered with Fellowes Brands over the years on a variety of projects. We were honored to establish and launch a brand that redefined the ergonomic furniture industry: Elea by Fellowes Studio. Elea is a high-end, innovative, and beautifully designed office chair that redefines sitting by seamlessly moving with your body.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Digital & Social
Made to Move

Smooth curvilinear forms and energetic letterforms make up the Elea logo. The mark uses a strong upward motion in the “e” to illustrate the fluidity and range of motion offered by the chair’s design.

Sophistication Redefined

“Sophistication” can conjure up a variety of images from a royal-inspired living room space to a Mad Men-esque office setting. Today, consumers want to be comfortable and casual without being cheap. And more than anything, they want thoughtful and beautiful design. Rule29 developed the Elea brand to show how it’s redefining sophistication within the office space.

A Visual Story

We visualized Elea's features in multiple videos to captivate the attention of B2B and B2C customers alike. This vignette reveals the benefits of movement to holistic wellbeing and highlights Elea's unique OmniKinetic Suspension technology. Capturing Elea in action allows customers to see how the chair fights stagnation, provides comfort, and provides micro-movements to keep people energized all day long.

Beautifully Crafted

We extended the brand into a variety of print materials, including a brochure, cut-sheet, direct mail piece, and quick-start booklet. Elea’s neutral palette and spa-like tones create a warm, inviting sensibility, reflecting the comforting experience of sitting in an Elea chair.


We also created a pop-up banner to display at conferences and corporate meetings. Due to the portability of the frame, traveling was convenient and affordable.