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Cannabis Branding

As the industry grows and cannabis sales become legal, there is a whole new space to explore creatively. As a branding agency, the opportunities excite us and we are ready to help guide your brand's next steps of growth.

Capabilities Used

Research & Strategy
Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Wicked Root
Vape Cartridge

Rule29 continued the Wicked Root brand onto a vape cartridge. We designed the box to have the product visible. With an established color system, the consumer clearly knows what they are purchasing.

CBD Label

Wicked Root expanded into CBD oil and needed labels to stand out as their own brand. Each sub-brand label was designed with the goal of the CBD product in mind while looking beautiful on the shelf.


Each package designed for Wicked Root was created with the consumer in mind. The accent colors could easily be switched out to differentiate the product from others in the line.

Presentation Deck

Rule29 designed a presentation deck for Wicked Root to easily and professionally present their company at meetings to new clients or investors. This deck incorporated the brand style while organizing the information in a succinct fashion.

Proven Protection

ShutterSecure Cannabis needed a brand that was really going to stand out in such a rapidly growing industry. We visited the 2019 MJBiz conference with them to get a first-hand look at the space and to talk to their ideal customers. We learned ShutterSecure needed to demonstrate a level of authority and stability in the evolving cannabis industry. Their logo visually demonstrates what ShutterSecure Cannabis has to offer to processors and growers, combined with a blue color palette to grab attention and command authority.

The Endless Possibilities

In the initial stages of logo creation, Rule29 showed ShutterSecure Cannabis a wide range of logo iterations to communicate the service ShutterSecure Cannabis provides, with varying styles of cannabis representation.

Bringing ShutterSecure to Life

Rule29 created a brand identity that is memorable and extremely recognizable. ShutterSecure’s blue business card will easily stand out in a stack of trade show pick-ups.

Print Collateral

We extended the brand through print collateral such as a sales brochure and a sell sheet. These pieces were created to emphasize and reinforce the peace of mind businesses receive when they protect their buildings with ShutterSecure Cannabis.

Ready to Ride

Outside the office, the ShutterSecure Cannabis logo is equally as distinctive with its strong mark and blue security wings, shown here on a pickup truck.


When Se7en Ten came to Rule29, they were looking for a brand that appealed to a more edgy skater aesthetic. With ideas of skateboard decks and powerful graffiti, we explored a brand that accomplished just that.

Logo Comps

When exploring what the Se7en Ten brand was going to look like, we took a look at many type treatments and illustrative marks. These edgy marks would’ve each told Se7en Ten’s story well!

Packaging Concepts

We also explored unique custom illustrations for each package to create a brand system that almost became a collectible work of art.

Brand Book

Rule29 created a brand book for Se7en Ten to use as the company grows. This will allow current and new employees to know how to consistently use design elements.

Cannabis Conference

Rule29 had the opportunity to attend MJBiz Conference–the largest cannabis conference in the United States–to talk to a variety of people in the rapidly-growing cannabis industry.


Through this experience, we learned that each state has specific regulations for each type of packaging and some website hosts and platforms have imagery and product limitations.