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Cuebiq Illustration Cuebiq Illustration
Infographics and Illustration

Tell a Story Through Design.

An infographic is a great way to take the reader on an adventure by using design to guide them through what is important to you and your company.


  • Print and Digital Infographics
  • Custom Illustration
  • Annual Reports
  • Posters
  • Motion Graphics

Expand your brand collateral through custom illustrations, iconography, and infographics to change the way you share your information.


Rule29 cooked up some infographics for McDonald’s employees and customers to share key information about the job, initiatives, and more. With so much information, we did not want the graphic to feel overwhelming so we used custom illustrations to keep the infographic engaging while sharing the intended messages.

And yes, we did crave a lot of french fries while working on these projects!

Mcdonalds Treats Illustration
Mcdonalds Illustration
Windmill Illustration
Solar Panel Illustration
close-up of an infographic for McDonald's showing icons in a flow chart
close-up of an infographic for McDonald's showing how to continue to grow

Strawhecker Group

The Strawhecker Group is a leader in the digital payment data collection space. When they reached out to the Rule29 team about building and designing their brand-new website, they were also interested in custom icons and illustrations to give their user interface a more polished and professional look.

With the new look in place, we crafted these illustrations based on the solutions offered by The Strawhecker Group. We even sprinkled in a little animation magic to really catch the reader’s eye and are super happy with how these tied the brand look together.

laptop with Strawhecker Group website on it with little illustrations around it
laptop mockup of the Strawhecker Group website on an orange background
two mobile phones display the Strawhecker group website on a gray background
illustration of a phone, credit card and other monetary icons
illustration of charts and data looking icons
illustration of magnifying glasses looking at charts and credit cards
3d panels of the Strawhecker group website pages
mockup of a phone with the Strawhecker group animations playing on it


Cuebiq helps marketers understand their impact in the offline world. These particular infographics were created for Mother’s Day explaining the demographics of shoppers and what they will be shopping for. With the use of custom illustrations, we were able to clearly show Where People Shop while creating brand collateral for Cuebiq to continue to use.

Cuebiq Illustration
Cuebiq Infographic
Cuebiq Illustration
Cuebiq Illustration

CDK Global

CDK Global provides integrated technology solutions to over 28,000 auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational, and heavy equipment dealers around the world. With more than 40 years in the industry, CDK Global is committed to listening to dealers and understands their unique challenges, distinctions, and opportunities.

CDK Infographic
CDK Infographic
CDK Infographic
CDK Infographic


We partnered with Bric to create a unique name, branding, and materials that could separate it from the pack, and consistency across a wide swath of communications — from custom illustrations to a branded pitch deck that helped them win investor competitions.

BRIC Illustrations
BRIC Block Illustration

Lantern Partners Illustrations

Lantern Partners is a premier, retained, executive recruitment firm focused on C-level and executive leadership positions for the investor-backed technology, professional services, and healthcare and life sciences industries as well as information officers across a wide variety of sectors. We needed to make illustrations that worked on their web, social, and digital presentation materials that matched the C-level exec and help highlight what makes them different.

Group of People and A Mountain
Lantern Partners Arrow Illustration
Lantern Partners Pie Chart Illustration
Lantern Partners Illustration


Today’s world is filled with complex and difficult issues that are hard to fully understand. LEO has curated a collection of illustrations, stories, and thoughts about current issues that affect all of us. LEO invites you to learn, empathize, and expand your knowledge in the following ways: develop strong empathy skills; participate in open and honest dialogue; perform positive acts of service.

Love in the Moment Quote
Chef Illustration
Make a Donation Illustration
World Listening Day Illustration
Trans Rights Illustration
Two Maracas
Lend a Hand Illustration
Love over Hate Illustration
Dove Illustration
Be Kind to every kind illustration
Two Things with Ice Cream
Man and Child Reading with Dog Illustration
LEO Letter Illustration
LEO Hannukah Illustration
Group of People Illustration
LEO Love Illustration
LEO Listen Illustration