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Tell a story through design

An infographic is a great way to take the reader on an adventure by using design to guide them through what is important to you and your company. Expand your brand collateral through custom illustrations, iconography, and infographics to change the way you share your information.

Capabilities Used

Digital & Social
Future-Proof Design

We developed a set of illustrated icons for Cuebiq's print, web, and digital materials to create an engaging picture of its products.

Offline Impact

Cuebiq helps marketers understand their impact in the offline world. These particular infographics were created for Mother’s Day explaining the demographics of shoppers and what they will be shopping for. With the use of custom illustrations, we were able to clearly show Where People Shop while creating brand collateral for Cuebiq to continue to use.

ACE Hardware
Building Trust Through Numbers

In today’s world, financial transparency is essential to build trust among loyal customers. As a leader in customer service, Ace Hardware desired to communicate its financial information in an interesting and professional way. Through illustrative iconography, we shared their year in review within their annual report.

Values in Action

Rule29 designed illustrations to engage McDonald’s employees and customers with important facts. With all there was to share, we strategically placed illustrations next to text. With the use of brand colors and the hierarchy of words, these infographics guide the reader through with ease.

Customer Engagement on Wheels

As a part of their Graduated Driver Licensing campaign, Allstate needed to tell their story in a fun and interesting way.

Caring for Our Nation

With the use of illustrations, we were able to share this information clearly while keeping it visually engaging.

Paying It Forward

This infographic guides readers through the information with ease. We designed icons and symbols that represented the Paylocity brand in both the infographic and timeline to show the monumental moments of the brand.

Building Something Real

This bold, icon-driven cover brings depth and visual interest to this Manitowoc piece. We created illustrations to communicate the company’s history, process, and services. We also extended this system throughout the book to create a cohesive look.

CDK Global
An Open Exchange

To effectively communicate a new era of streamlined workflows and flexible data streams, we developed an infographic to illustrate how Fortellis, the world’s first and only open-exchange automotive commerce platform, enables connections between the Marketplace and the Developers Network.

Keeping Relationships Alive

In an effort to improve communication, Rule29 strategically arranged these pre-designed illustrations to highlight the importance of keeping customer relationships alive.

Empowering the Next Generation

Rule29 developed a set of infographics to explain the process and potential impact The Positivity Project will help create in schools. Since its inception, 57% of parents say that The Positivity Project has helped them learn more about their child.

Partnering to Empower and Multiply

ZOE is an empowerment program for orphans and vulnerable children that guides children towards healthy, secure, and connected lives. Rule29 created illustrations for ZOE that could be used throughout marketing collateral to visually communicate their process on mobile, desktop, and print.