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Tools for Building and Sustaining Strong Organizations

InFolk develops tools that aid business leaders in making informed decisions that influence and affect their companies. The startup approached Rule29 for brand development, website creation, and branding architecture of its product suite. Additionally, we designed the UX/UI for their premier tool, InHire, intended to instill confidence in leaders during the hiring process.

The Challenge

InFolk approached Rule29 with the requirement for a comprehensive brand system, including product names, to be applied to their products. We started from scratch, with only the name InFolk as a starting point. Our process kicked off with a thorough analysis of market dynamics and consumer aspirations, which guided us in our creation of the sub brand names, messaging, brand visuals, website, and app products.

The Marrowverse

InFolk belongs to Marrow’s outer hub of companies. These bordering businesses cater to specialized industries and effectively build towards establishing independence from Marrow. This allows for the emergence of new startups and acquisitions while maintaining continuous communication. We are collaborating with InFolk to position the brand and the company for autonomous success.

The Solution

InFolk maintains the belief that complex problems should have simple solutions. They meticulously craft their products to provide powerful, intuitive and user-friendly tools targeted at business leaders and owners for hiring and culture development purposes. InFolk aims to eliminate unnecessary complexity, helping you focus on what is crucial – making informed business decisions. Rule29 was responsible for designing InFolk’s brand and website, reflecting its commitment to simple solutions that assist leaders in focusing on what matters most. InFolk provides leaders with a remarkable suite of tools that can transform the way organizations are built and nurtured. Leveraging AI Technology and heeding valuable employee insights, InFolk acts as your key to unlocking unprecedented business success.

Brands Have Rules, Too

It’s no secret that we value brand consistency, which is why we strongly believe a brand guide is essential for any organization, especially one that has many parts. We built the InFolk brand guide to be easily expanded upon as they add new products, providing rules for the logos, color, typography, photography, and graphic styles for any brand collateral.

Sampling of pages from the InFolk brand guide

The Marketing Website

We began working on the marketing site for InFolk to showcase it to business leaders as they launched their range of products. The InFolk site was created to introduce products that aid business leaders in identifying and hiring the most suitable talent for their organization while also ensuring team members align with the firm’s culture and values. By gaining insights into individual strengths and weaknesses as well as team dynamics, their tools help leaders to make informed decisions that boost performance and engagement.

Various page layouts from the InFolk site in a grid format

“When we came to Rule29 to help us establish the brand identity for our company InFolk, we also wanted to create a unique and integrated brand for our suite of software products. They came up with great options for both our first two products, and we landed on “InHire” for our candidate assessment tool and “InTune” for our performance management tool. The design work they did on all the logos to integrate our company name along with individual product names was incredibly helpful to create distinct, yet unified, identities for our company and products.”

Stephen Redden Managing Director, InFolk

Professionalism Counts

As InFolk launches InHire and other products, they require a presentation that establishes them as the experts they truly are. We’ve crafted a Google Slides template that anyone in the team can duplicate and use, ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic throughout.

Grid of Google Slides layouts branded for InFolk

Introducing InHire

InHire, the premier product from InFolk, is designed to aid business leaders in making informed hiring decisions by providing AI-powered insights into a candidate’s potential fit and impact within an organization. This product allows leaders to assess how candidates may fit and contribute to their organization prior to making a hiring decision.

InHire Web App

InHire empowers you to look beyond initial impressions to discover the true potential of candidates. This platform can help you assemble a team that will truly transform your organization. We collaborated with our partner Rebar to develop the InHire app, providing a tool for business leaders to share with their teams. This tool can help evaluate cultural successes and identify areas that may need improvement.

Mockup of InHire candidate analyzation screen on a laptop
Mockup of three mobile screens of the InHire app
Desktop mockup of two InHire app screens