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Kalamazoo College

Turn Four Into More

Since their founding in 1833, Kalamazoo College has remained a leading liberal arts and sciences college nationally, offering students high-quality education, superior value, and life-changing experiences. With their innovative K-Plan, Kalamazoo College seeks to open students’ eyes to the world, help them experience things that they may not have imagined were possible, and prepare them for a successful life after college. 


  • Research and Strategy
  • Print and Annual Reports

The Challenge

Kalamazoo College brought in Rule29 to shake things up and act as a force multiplier for their admissions marketing. At the time, K had a select few print materials in their repertoire to communicate with prospective students. Moreover, the messaging and admissions collateral that K had been using were ready for a much needed infusion of personality and creativity. So our challenge was to do more, effectively; ensuring each piece of marketing would make a memorable impact and connect with prospective students and their families on an authentic and emotional level.

Group of Students at coffee shop
Student with a backpack
Group of Students Studying

Process & Research

To better communicate the unique benefits and values of Kalamazoo College to prospective students, Rule29 started by developing new admissions campaign messaging that could be applied to new materials in a fresh, modern, and “quirky” way. We dug deep using a brand audit to solicit valuable insights from both internal stakeholders and current students and, coupled with some competitive research, created the new messaging, look, and feel of their landmark admissions materials: Turn Four into More.


The Solution

With the new admissions campaign tagline – Turn Four into More – in place, Rule29 got to work bringing this concept to life beginning with their cornerstone piece, the K-Plan booklet, and continuing through their admissions packet and outcomes brochure. Using vivid colors, full-bleed imagery, and hints of texture, we sought to illustrate K’s quirky charm and their reputation for academic excellence in a balanced way. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with K and are incredibly proud of the outcome.

Front Cover of booklet

Taking cues from the K-Plan booklet, we sought to use bright color-blocking and vivid photography in K’s Mini Viewbook to excite viewers and draw their eye in. This look and feel was also extended to the messaging itself, as we opted to include more engaging content to communicate K in fun and less rigid way.

A life-changing letter needs to needs to make a bold statement. And Kalamazoo was ready to make a change. The clean, modern aesthetic presents the College as a future-focused and progressive institution. Large typography and eye-catching color choices make Kalamazoo College’s new admit packet one that students will remember for a lifetime.