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Kiewit Luminarium

See the World in a New Light

Kiewit Luminarium is a place for everyone to explore astonishing phenomena and learn with their hands. Together with the greater Omaha community, the team at the Luminarium is creating a truly unique place filled with joy and excitement where visitors of all ages and communities can explore astonishing scientific phenomena, and use what they learn as the building blocks to their futures.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand, Logo, and Identity
  • Website Development
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Print and Annual Reports
  • Events and Promotion
  • Environments and Signage
  • Design for Social Impact

The Challenge

How do you build an a brand for a never-before-seen, category-busting experience that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy and feel a part of? You throw out the rulebook, explore new avenues of curiosity, experiment, and dial up the fun!

The team behind the Kiewit Luminarium partnered with us at Rule29 to help them construct an engaging brand from the ground up ahead of their Spring 2023 grand opening. The challenge? To create a brand, launch plan, marketing, and physical and digital experiences that foster a sense of belonging and encourage all to come, discover, and experience the wonder of the Luminarium.


The Solution

Rule29 developed a brand strategy and comprehensive identity for this new STEM-based discovery center. Designed to capture the wonder of learning, the name and brand play on how light is ever-changing and opens our eyes to new worlds. As the Luminarium approached its opening to the public, we worked with them to convey the excitement through a new website, promotional materials, social media graphics, interior and external signage, and digital marketing.


An Eye to the Future

Building off of the illuminating and impactful nature of the brand, we designed the interior and exterior signage in an effort to inspire visitors’ curiosity and to create a compelling and recognizable landmark that visitors will flock to for years to come.


Building Curiosity, One Pixel at a Time

Using their newly developed brand as a foundation, we helped the Luminarium team design and build a website that embraces a sense of wonder and curiosity and allows community members to explore the radiant space to come.

Luminarium Homepage displayed on a laptop
Luminarium mobile site displayed on many phones
3 different pages from the Luminarium website

Building Community

To increase brand awareness, we worked with the Kiewit Luminarium team to design social media assets that could be easily distributed across all channels. The goal with this creative was to put a spotlight on the future, bringing individuals, community partners, and organizations into the fold by encouraging them to dream and look forward to the possibilities that could become reality with the Luminarium. Featuring layered shapes and bold phenomena, these assets helped the team to grow their social following and increase awareness community-wide.


Making a Wonder-ful Impression

The Luminarium is built to inspire others; their identity should be inspiring too. We helped them develop a series of identity pieces that would inspire intrigue and excitement at every point in a visitor’s journey.