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Creative Control

Lytho is a technology platform designed for marketing teams to achieve better content outcomes. They were founded to remove the burden of manual proofing and expanded into creative project management and digital asset management.


  • Research and Strategy
  • Brand, Logo, and Identity
  • Website Development
  • Digital and Social Media

The Challenge

Lytho came to Rule29 with the need to combine two international brands into one. All while telling a perfectly blended story of both organizations’ past, present, and new futures, together.


Making Of The Mark

Both Lytho and inMotionNow had great brand equity. Except their wasn’t much story or meaning to their names or brands as they currently existed. Their team wanted something dynamic, meaningful, and true to who they were and who they were becoming.


Their logo was designed and centered around the idea of a near infinite loop with connecting letterforms representing the seamless blend between creativity and productivity their product brings. As a nod to the product’s namesake, the counters in the “y” and “h” form ink droplets, creating a subtle easter egg for any in-the-know industry professionals


Asking the Right Questions

To ensure all parties and voices were heard, we began with a 3-hour research leadership session. Together we uncovered their hopes and dreams as an organization and how to tell that story through their new brand.


Flexible By Design

Lytho is powered by a super talented marketing team. We worked together with their team to develop brand guidelines that were flexible for the future but gave them enough of a foundation to take the ball and run. We also worked with their product development team to ensure color options, buttons, etc. all worked seamlessly within their platform itself.


“The team at Rule29 is amazing to work with.
They led us through a fast but thoughtful rebrand that nailed the way we want to be seen by our target market and built us a website based on a framework designed for marketers, helping our Marketing team take our message to market faster and more accurately.They’re also incredibly responsive and customer-focused, rolling through many changes with us as we matured the site and brand over months. Fantastic team, highly recommended, and should be your first call anytime you need brand and/or website work.”

Russ Somers Chief Marketing Officer

With a variety of unique patterns and style recommendations, the Lytho design team was fully equipped to take creative control. 


Being an international organization, it was important materials worked for both their U.S. and Netherlands based offices. Plus, they picked our foil business card recommendation. A dream come true.


Due to a need for an expedited launch, phase one of the Lytho website was designed and developed in just under a month. Together, we have collaborated with their team on continuing to evolve and build resource libraries they can use for years to come. 


We also built a flexible deck for Lytho that allowed their sales and design teams to quickly create consistent, visually engaging presentations on the fly.