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Inside the Arches

Collaboration is a pillar of Rule29’s approach, and our work with McDonald's creative team is a perfect example. We help or lead the development of a variety of projects for McDonald’s B2B and B2C communications.

Capabilities Used

Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Digital & Social
Unique marks for events, programs and initiatives

McDonald's has local and global teams that are working hard to enhance McDonald's offerings and educate owners-operators to continually improve their service. So it's important to have distinctive and brand-aligned marks to help these activities stand out and rally engagement.

Strengthening a Global Community

We collaborated with McDonald’s on a variety of annual report assets, which included a cover that was created to capture the essence of their mission: community. The cover design visualizes this with an illustrative approach, bringing together a variety of icons and illustrations arranged in a circle to represent a global reach, and finally it is anchored in the center by the signature smile. As we strive to do with all of our work, we focused on bringing an emotive presence and sense of authenticity to the piece.

Bringing New Technologies to Life

We created unique motion graphics to highlight sustainable operations and innovative customer experiences.

Visualizing Data

We have continued to add to the lively, playful visual ecosystem McDonalds is building with illustrations that bring a fun and approachable aesthetic to business plans and key statistics.

Leading the Way

It’s not every day that we get to work with a client that has virtually created a global industry. Having the opportunity to work with McDonald's and their efforts to continually improve service, offerings, and the community around the globe is as fun as getting that awesome toy you wanted in a happy meal.

Helping visualize possibilities

In this example, we shared several ways to design a department environment to stand out from the rest. If you need help visualizing what's possible we are there to help explore.

Buttoned up

Large or small sometimes little things can say a lot when you roll out a new internal brand. Here are some buttons that were designed to share, wear and to be collected.

Sharing Values

We will help strategize and concept the most impactful ways to promote key messages. This could be print, web, digital or social templates that your team can take and update. Here is an example of an internal team ad.

Extension and Promotion

One of our superpowers is seeing a brand from beginning to end. Here are just a few samples of how we can develop a system that can be extended into any key items that help promote your brand.