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Tis the Season

This year we wanted to focus on what makes Christmas so special: Giving. We wanted to give where we could and bring anyone interested along for the ride. While GIVE-MAS allows us to have fun and be involved in our communities, it also reminds us to appreciate all the wonderful people and opportunities in our lives.

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Give A Little Bit

We have all heard the phrase “Treat others the way you want to be treated” but what if we treated people even better than our expectations? Welcome to GIVE-MAS 2018.

In a world that often feels more polarized than ever, we wanted to come together to spread some holiday cheer while making an impact. We have added some awesome tools and links to help you and yours GIVE.

Donate to a Food Bank

Reusable Tote Bags are often needed if you have extras laying around. Plus there is an added bonus of helping others help the environment. That’s a win-win-win.

20 items Your food bank needs the most.

Express your Gratitude

When is the last time you thanked someone? Thank someone for holding the door or for even just being present in your life.

Tell them you care.

Lend a Hand

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, collect toys for a family in need, or if you’re in a snowier climate- shovel snow for elderly neighbors. This one you can get creative on.

Help a brother (or sister) out!

Brighten a Day

Check in on someone and let them know you care.

Make the next cup of coffee on you.

Help our Furry Friends

As you know things can get a little messy when taking care of adorable puppies and kittens, Latex or Rubber gloves are always great for animal shelters to have on hand (pun intended).

Not sure what to donate? Check out this list!

This list too!

Share Some Socks

Socks are one of the least donated but most needed items for those in need.

Hanes is doing their part.

Buy your socks from companies that do a one-for-one program.

Support small organizations doing work at the ground level.

Write a Letter

Getting something in the mail is always exciting. Send a note to someone you haven't spoken to recently. There is never a bad time to remind others that you care!

Looking for some hot new cards?

Or looking to be inspired?

Support a Local Business

You may find something you have never seen before and you will be helping your community.

It's important now more than ever.

Visit a Family Member

If you have family that lives out of your city or country, Facetime is just a tap away.

If you can’t be there all the time…

Be a Good Neighbor

Offer a helping hand, bring some cookies, help them bring in groceries. You can get creative with this one.

I mean, who doesn’t love cookies?

If baking is not your thing...

Lift up local communities.

Make Someone Laugh

Children on record laugh 300 times per day while adults only average 17 moments of laughter per day. Increase that number by telling a simple joke or crazy story.

Get funny.

Get silly.

Donate to Charity

Find a charity that resonates with you and donate whatever you feel you can! Even if you can’t donate anything financially, you can always donate your time or repost about the organization on your social channels to inspire others!

Give-mas all year round

These are some organizations that you can GIVE to all year round.

Positivity Project, Lifewater, Team RWB, Wheels4Water, UNICEF, and Make-A-Wish.