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Made to Impress

Since 2000, we have been helping O’Neil Printing express that they are "Made to ImPress" at every level of their communication both internally and externally.

Capabilities Used

Brand, Logo & Identity Development
Web Design & Development
Research & Strategy
Connecting with clients

Rule29 designed each of the materials to appeal to both the corporate client as well as the creative client.

Crafting a seamless O'Neil Experience

Each piece was crafted to work seamlessly with any of its accompanying materials. From the business cards, website to the delivery trucks, each time a customer encounters an O’Neil piece, they recognize it as coming from O’Neil.

A Tradition of Innovation

With any project we approach, we step back and look at the entire company and the space it works in to understand its stand-out qualities, and highlight those particulars in the strategy and design. O’Neil Printing has been in business for over a century, and they have a rich tradition of customer service, innovation and craft which we try to capture on all pieces, especially in their web, social, and digital experience.

A stand out comapny

There are two things that really make O’Neil stand out: their people and their tradition of innovating the print business. O’Neil’s people are dedicated, service-oriented, and truly care about their clients. After all, O’Neil Printing is employee-owned, so they are invested in their work and their clients’ happiness. They’re also committed to approaching projects and business from a unique and effective perspective; a process of innovation that has kept the company young after all this time.

A delicious wide format experience

At O’Neil, big is beautiful. As the company planned to unroll their wide format printing capabilities, they came to Rule29 to ask for help with figuring out a bigger and better way of helping potential customers to see the range of what was possible. With a new building that was totally at our disposal, we decided to craft an immersive experience that walked clients through a variety of wide format options, without feeling too “salesy” or dry.

Imagine the Possibilities

The result was “Farmstead in the Valley,” a fictional restaurant that helped tell the story of O’Neil’s capabilities and served as the unifying theme for the experience. We created a variety of collateral to help clients see the possibilities.

Behind the logo

The Farmstead logo is meant to evoke a lively and festive mood reminiscent of a fresh farm-to-table meal with friends and family. Surrounding the logotype is an arrangement of line art depicting various produce, ingredients, and cookware.

The showroom seeks to not only display wide format capabilities of O’Neil, but also take guests through a wholesome, rich process of creating a farm-to-table experience.

The O'Neil Book of Printing Wonders

O’Neil decided that it was time to create a new, innovative brochure that would showcase their various print capabilities and convey the heart of the company. After tossing around a few ideas, we decided that the best approach would be to create a book that featured O’Neil’s wide array of printing solutions and how they can be used to imagine new, creative print pieces. We worked with O’Neil to choose quotes that felt representative of their company’s culture and then used those quotes as a jumping-off point for the creative.

A piece to be proud of

The result was a beautifully crafted booklet that utilizes a variety of papers and printing techniques, along with a series of hand-picked quotes and artwork that describe O’Neil’s company’s capabilities, values and philosophy.

Showcasing Digital Capabilities

As a companion piece to the O’Neil Integrated Brochure (affectionately known as the O’Neil Printing Book of Wonders), we wanted to help O’Neil showcase their digital printing capabilities more in-depth. We decided to create a digital printing brochure, utilizing different digital printing capabilities and a variety of design techniques to inspire O’Neil customers to expand their printing horizons.

We created fun, usable pieces to help potential clients imagine what could be accomplished for their own campaigns or jobs. By using a variety of paper stock types and print techniques like raised ink or watermark, we showcased the tactile, sensory experience of print.

Seeing is Believing

This is one example of many corporate and promotional videos we have done for O'Neil over the last 15 years. This video highlights one of their main points of difference which is their people and the collective knowledge they have as one of Arizona's premier print companies.