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O'Neil Printing

Made to ImPRESS

Since 2000, we have been helping O’Neil Printing pursue its Traditionally Innovative brand at every level of their communication, both internally and externally. Rule29 took the initiative to help develop O’Neil’s identity and extend the look and feel to a variety of materials.

The Challenge

The end goal was for the brand to appeal to both the corporate client as well as the designer. Each piece is meant to work seamlessly with any of their accompanying materials. From the business cards, to promotional materials (such as the posters we created), to website to the delivery trucks, each time a customer encounters an O’Neil piece, they should recognize it as coming from O’Neil.

Full-Circle Branding

When O’Neil reached out to us for a new logo, we took much of our inspiration from the name and initials. Taking advantage of these branding assets, we explored different avenues for how to incorporate their identity and symbolism into one coherent logo design.

O’Neil Goes Online

We like to view the O’Neil website as a culmination of all our design elements coming together as one big digital puzzle. Every scroll provides the user with further insight on the O’Neil story, their journey, and their capabilities. Intermixed with a number of their work samples, clients can find assurance in knowing they’re working with the real deal.

Iconic Illustrations

Retaining the previously established color scheme of their new logo, we built out a fresh set of icons boldly outlined in their signature light-blue color identity.

Print to Celebrate Print

Print pieces often serve as a way for companies to communicate their mission, values, and what they bring to the table overall in the eyes of their clients. O’Neil was no exception in this regard. As a print and design oriented company themselves, they have high standards for how they position and present themselves in the creative space. We rose to the challenge and delivered eye-catching print pieces that are sure to inspire.


Envisioning Environment

Coinciding with the announcement of their newest office opening, the team wanted to decorate their space in a way that lives and breathes the O’Neil story. Drawing from a blend of logos, icons, and inspiration from the print work we did for them, we created wall signage and decor in a number of high-contrast colors to make their office space pop!


Print Going Digital

When tasked with developing social media content and strategy, we wanted their work to be at the forefront of the conversation. Their high-quality images and vibrant print pieces catered incredibly well to being published on their social media platforms, and will no doubt be the posts their users stop scrolling to take a closer look at!

Present With Purpose

Clear, effective, and efficient communication is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to pursuing new business. We crafted these PowerPoint presentation templates for O’Neil with this in mind. With relevant information in a clean and easy to digest format, the client will leave the introductory meeting feeling informed and confident about working with O’Neil.


At O’Neil, big is beautiful. When the company planned to unroll their wide-format printing capabilities, they asked Rule29 to figure out a bigger and better way of helping potential customers see the range of what was possible. With a new building totally at our disposal, we decided to craft an immersive experience that walked clients through a variety of wide-format options, without feeling “sales-y” or dry.