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More Than Just Good Looks.

We nerd out about the container, materials, graphics, and visible outer presence of your products. Let’s create the perfect packaging for retail, food, corporate, or that unique packaging need!


  • Product Packaging
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Label Design
  • Specialty Packaging
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays

Your packaging is more than just the way it looks on the shelf. What kind of experience is it designed to give when interacted with? How will it be made? How will it ship? Is it responsible from an environmental perspective? These are just a few of the questions we can explore together on the way to developing a packaging design that is the best that it can be.

Saro Cider

Rule29 was hired to help shape Saro Cider’s brand from the very beginning. The branding centers around sharing the journey, where the destination is only part of the adventure. Taking cues from travel ephemera, motorcycles, the RAF, airline collateral, and anything else tied to a key idea of wanderlust, we developed a logo and brand that brings it all together—with a little nod to the primary ingredient of cider as well. Vintage travel stickers and postcards play a huge role in the packaging, emphasizing and celebrating the journey.

Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Signage
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Business Cards
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Bottle Cap Packaging
Saro Cider Packaging
Saro Cider Bottle Packaging

Better Way Farms

Better Way Farms offers USDA Organic Certified Transitional blueberries, cold-pressed blueberry juice, and more. As a family-owned blueberry farm in Michigan that provides blueberries grown through organic regenerative farming methods. Rule29 created unique packaging to differentiate this wholesome brand from others within the space. This design, carried across the entire Better Way Farms line, balances clean and playful elements incorporating hand-drawn typography, whimsical art, and crisp photography.

Closeup Shot of Blueberries
Better Way Farms Logo
Better Way Farms Packaging
Better Way Farms Blueberry Illustration
Better Way Farms Blueberry Illustration
Better Way Farms Bluetiful Social Post
Better Way Farms Mobile and Desktop Site

True Moringa

MoringaConnect works with local smallholder farmers in Ghana to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality moringa, and then processes the leaves into powder and the seeds into oil at a local processing facility. MoringaConnect’s True Moringa branded products are sold domestically and internationally via e-commerce and retail channels, and its wholesale moringa is purchased by top organic brands.

From our research, beauty product packaging is often all white. To make a statement on the shelves, we used a vibrant peach on a modern black backdrop. The black also points to the significance of the product as well and tells its story visually.

True Moringa Packaging
True Moringa Lotion and Spray Packaging
True Moringa Packaging
True Moringa Packaging
True Moringa Packaging


Before opening, fast-casual restaurant Locavores reached out to Rule29 for branding. We collaborated with them on their name to their menu design, and everything in between. The logo we designed hints at a location pin, speech bubble, meat marker, and garden sign—all important to a gathering place serving locally grown meats and vegetables. And the brand strategy we developed with them has them well-positioned for expansion.

Closeup of Locavores Sandwich
Locavores Logo
Locavores Picnic Pattern Design
Locavores Icon Pattern
Locavores Print Ads
Locovores Icon Logo
Locavores Logo

Keg Creek Brewing

When Keg Creek Brewing named its 100th batch, a dark American ale, “Hypebeast,” we decided to make it extra fun. Rule29 created a folklore-style imaginary creature, supposedly spotted in the namesake creek.

The beer label mimics a telegram warning of the dangerous Hypebeast creature, while the wrapping paper is styled as a Prohibition-era newspaper, complete with original stories recounting witnesses’ encounters with the beast.

The specialty beer sold out in record time, and Keg Creek’s fans had a great time with the creature from the creek.

Hypebeast Bottles and Packaging
Closeup of Hypebeast Packaging
Hypebeast Packaging Closeup
Keg Creek Brewing Logo Closeup
3 Bottles of Hypebeast Packaging
Closeup of Hypebeast Packaging
Hypebeast Packaging
Keg Creek Hypebeast Packaging
Bottle Wrapped In Newspaper


Omaha-based Brickway Brewery & Distillery decided to branch out from its craft beers and spirits to enter the hard seltzer market with Aleius—a low-calorie, gluten-free, highly guzzleable alcoholic beverage.

We partnered with Brickway to develop a retail-focused name and logotype, as well as unique packaging designed to expand into multiple flavors in the future. The packaging is a key factor in placing them in the right space of consumers’ minds, while also helping them to stand out from even national-level competitors.

Aleius Cherry Limeade Packaging
Aleius Packaging
Aleius Packaging

Cowboy Country Distilling

Cowboy Country Distilling is nestled near the Wind River mountain range just outside of Pinedale, Wyoming, where the spirit of the Old West still lives on. They came to Rule29 to capture that spirit. We started with the distillery brand and extended the look to their small-batch handmade spirits.

Cowboy Country’s spirits are made from crystal clear water from the snowcapped mountains and glaciers that make up the Green River and many others. This water has given birth to the distillery. Our goal with the packaging was to keep it clean and simple, while tipping its hat to the rich history of Wyoming and the rugged people who call it home.

Two Filled Glasses on a Table
Cowboy Country Packaging

Nebraska Bison

A Pretty “Meat” Brand
Nebraska Bison is the product of years of hard work and dedication to healthy, high-quality meat. Their search for better began on a humble farm with the mindset to craft something better for their families, friends, and anyone that was seeking a healthy addition to their diet through sustainable grass-fed bison and other premium meats.


The Challenge

Nebraska Bison came to us to really develop their brand – not only the outside “look and feel” but their internal values and what they really wanted to portray to their customers. They came to us to redesign their logo and packaging and elevate their brand to bring more awareness.



Our development process began by asking key questions that allowed us to dig deeper into the core of the brand. What values are important to you and your customers? How do we build a brand that truly represents the product and values that Nebraska Bison stands behind? By asking these questions, we were able to begin developing the core pillars for the brand. 


The Solution

We started by redesigning the Nebraska Bison logo as it is the most visible element of the brand. It was designed to stand out and make a big impact amongst their competitors. We then elevated the brand with the development of their brand guidelines to reinforce their strong messaging at every touch point with a customer.



A superior alternative, StressRoot relieves stress naturally with a quick sip that helps people feel better on a daily basis. Being placed in grocery checkout lines, this little bottle needed to stand out big time. After looking at the various competitive products, we went to work creating a unique and friendly brand that showcased StressRoot’s uniqueness and high quality.

We paired a variety of bright colors for different flavors with aspects of their logo (which may be one of the happiest logos you’ve ever seen). Consumers will be quick to grab this smiling package and will happily discover new levels of calm and well-being.

Stress Root Packaging