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Outstanding Package Design Does More Than Look Good

Your packaging is more than just how it looks on the shelf. What kind of experience is it designed to give when interacted with? How will it be made? How will it ship? Is it responsible from an environmental perspective? These are just a few of the questions we can explore together on the way to developing a packaging design that is the best that it can be.

Capabilities Used

Better Way Farms
Berry Fun Farming

Better Way Farms is a family-owned blueberry farm in Michigan that provides blueberries grown through organic regenerative farming methods. Rule29 created unique packaging to differentiate this wholesome brand from others within the space. This design, carried across the entire Better Way Farms line, balances clean and playful element incorporating hand-drawn typography, whimsical art, and crisp photography.


Rich and bold, this clean aesthetic gives Lekkco a bright brand look that immediately captures consumers’ attention. The minimalist look reinforces that Lekkco is an all-natural and gluten-free product without any additives. This offers the customer peace of mind and sets Lekkco apart from other brands in the spreadable category.

All-natural flavors

A packaging system was designed for Lekkco's full line of Belgian dark chocolate spreads.

Mellody Farm
A New Shopping Experience

Mellody Farm was built on land with a long history as a dairy farm and envisioned to be a truly immersive and unique shopping destination. Reclaimed wood, brick, and steel were utilized to create an industrial aesthetic that recalled the property’s previous use. From this, we created a brand that found its inspiration in farmland and the lines created in these fields.

The Happiest Packaging

StressRoot relieves stress naturally in a quick sip. Being placed in the checkout lines, this little bottle needed to stand out big time. We paired bright colors with aspects of their logo (which may be one of the happiest logos you’ve ever seen). This smiling package will quickly be in consumers’ carts and help relieve some stress of everyday life.

Cowboy Country
Capturing the spirits of the old west

Cowboy Country distillery is nestled near the Wind River mountain range just outside of Pinedale, Wyoming. They came to Rule29 to capture the spirit of where the old west still lives on. We started with the distillery brand and extended the look to their small batch handmade spirits.

Vodka, Gin, Cordial, Rum oh my!

Cowboy Country's spirits are made from crystal-clear water from the snowcapped mountains and glaciers that form the Green River and many others. Our goal with the packaging was to keep it clean and simple, while tipping its hat to the rich history of Wyoming and the rugged people who call it home.

Clean, Safe Water

Nasoni’s Fountain Faucet water filter is one of the best lines of defense between the body and hundreds of known toxins municipalities may not be eliminating. This filter is specifically designed to coordinate with Nasoni’s Da Vinci fountain faucet—the most beautiful, eco-conscious faucet on the market today. Rule29 was tasked to design packaging for the filter system to extend the brand online and in stores.

Papa Nicholas
Packaging for the Basic Joe

Rule29 created the packaging for Papa Nicholas' Basic Joe coffee line. True to the name, the package design celebrates the simple things in life, like a decent cup o' joe in the morning. We worked with our good friend Von Glitschka to create the logo for Basic Joe.

1871 Dairy

We have been involved with 1871 Dairy from concept to execution on a number of different projects, all of which showcase the quality and heritage of this high-end dairy company. Along with the logo, we created a brand system that was extended to packaging, web, social, and environmental components.

Keeping it simple

Rule29 created the logo and packaging designs for the variety of products offered. As a startup dairy, we utilized beautiful stock bottles and simple production techniques to keep the costs low while maintaining a high-end quality package. This lack of clutter also helped the products stand out in the dairy section.

trying to create a more equitable world

MoringaConnect works with local smallholder farmers in Ghana to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality moringa, and then processes the leaves into powder and the seeds into oil at a local processing facility. MoringaConnect’s True Moringa branded products are sold domestically and internationally via e-commerce and retail channels, and its wholesale moringa is purchased by top organic brands.

Making a Statement with Moringa

From our research, beauty product packaging is often all white. To make a statement on the shelves, we used a vibrant peach on a modern black backdrop. The black also points to the significance of the product as well and tells its story visually.

Test Marketing
Designing the right flavor

Rule29 collaborates with several firms to prototype and develop ideas for client and customer test marketing. Here are just a few examples of ideas that look delicious.

Buttermilk Options
Option A or...

We are used to getting the brand and packaging to the point where a decision has to be made. On these two packages…

Option B

…we reached the point where the design was working and the decision came down to production costs and what gave it an edge on the shelf. Which would you pick?

Penrose Brewing Company
A special recipe

On a collaboration with Penrose Brewing, we came up with a beer recipe for a hybrid-style beer inspired by Mexican Lagers and German Goses. As part of this project, we also created the packaging to represent the beer if it was made.

Lifewater International
Packaging with a lesson

Lifewater International came to us looking for a unique packaging to collect coins for their school water program. After several prototypes -- and some Band-Aids! -- we developed a jerry can coin holder that was not only cool, but also was used to help explain how water is transferred.

Lifesaving packaging

We also included some copy to help continue the messaging when kids took the jerry can homel. Depending on the change used, when the bank was full, it was typically close to $40, meaning one person would be getting water for life!

CDK Global Fortellis
Making Automotive Commerce Faster, Better, Smarter

We used our Fortellis box to reveal the new brand and product to a key group of developers. We wanted to inspire anticipation for the event by creating something that visually and physically told the product’s innovative story. The box itself featured a polycarbonate ticket, clear ink, and geometric patterns to offer a high-end tactile experience, and last but not least, a light to shine through the card to build excitement for launch party attendance.

RichWrap Wrapping Paper
Refreshing Christmas Motifs

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year (except for summer, but you get it). We loved creating wrapping paper designs for our friends at RichWrap. From refreshing takes on classic Christmas motifs such as a partridge in a pear tree or ugly Christmas sweaters, these papers were designed to bring excitement on Christmas morning!

Promotional Card Deck
Stacking the deck

Teaming up with O’Neil Printing, Rule29 set out to create a deck of cards to capture our love for games and be a fun promotional and packaging piece. This project combined several unique paper materials and printing techniques using the HP Indigo digital printing press.

Skin Theory
Skin Theory

Skin Theory carries the latest in effective, natural-based, results-driven skin care. It was important for the packaging to emphasize their modern commitment to skin care. We strategically designed the style to be clean and fresh—much like the user experience of their products.

Documentary Packaging
What is a home and what is normal?

Rule29 collaborated with Wonderkind Studios and Life In Abundance to create two documentaries over three years in Nairobi, Kenya. These films, their packaging, and support materials were developed to bring the story as alive as possible for those who experienced it.

Interactive Bible
Before the cloud took over

Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the Good Book to life through five main lenses: HD video, photographs, maps, reading plans, and 360-degree virtual tours, all with a unique, zoomable interface for fast, easy, visual navigation.